Travel: Our Macau/Hong Kong Getaway (6D/6N)!

Follow our 6 day, 6 night adventure in these lands of amazing food, awesome culture and astounding sights. See how we ate, shopped and laughed our way through Macau and Hong Kong! :)

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About Us.

Movie buff. Equates vegetables to grass. Tickles her to win an argument. Also likes to regularly poke Wendy (on facebook!! =P). Very sarcastic. Equally witty. Thinks Mid Valley is the best mall in Klang Valley. Sometimes works mouth faster than brain and lands in trouble. Has wicked sense of humour, although Wendy doesn't think so.

When he's not busy whipping up food reviews or going to work, he blogs here.

Born and bred in the food haven of Petaling Jaya. Giggly. Cannot function without hugs. Music junkie. Likes having her nails painted but detests waiting for them to dry. Cries at sad movies. Self-admitted shopaholic. Actively campaigns to go to 1 Utama for dates but loses most of the time. Misses Melbourne. Will cringe at sight of taugeh. Hits his stomach to win an argument.

You may find her abandoned blog here. She also spends a lot of her free time on her baby, xoxo.chic, with two of her best friends buy cialis.

Adam & Wendy.
Cannot recall the first time they ever met. Have matching sweet tooths. Wish that more eateries open on Mondays. Want to open a char kuey teow stall one day (where not a single strand of taugeh will be found). Going to travel the world hand in hand. Contented.

To get in touch, see what we're up to, or simply to say hi, you can use the following channels:

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