Travel: Our Macau/Hong Kong Getaway (6D/6N)!

Follow our 6 day, 6 night adventure in these lands of amazing food, awesome culture and astounding sights. See how we ate, shopped and laughed our way through Macau and Hong Kong! :)

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About The Blog.

Drops of Contentment

.......Because when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And be content with the lemonade.

What began as a simple way for a young couple to keep track of their experiences with food together, soon turned into a passion for sharing all of life’s contentment with others.

Fuelled by a love for writing, Adam and Wendy dedicate Drops of Contentment towards chronicling their food-tasting, globe-trotting, and movie adventures.

Within the past year or so, Drops of Contentment has become a labour of love for the (still) young couple, believing what they share brings good value to their readers.


To get in touch, see what we're up to, or simply to say hi, you can use the following channels!

We're also highly dedicated towards ensuring that the information on this blog is the latest by updating our posts when we find out that restaurants have shifted, closed down, etc. If you notice that some of the information we provide is outdated or incorrect, do contact us as well!

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