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Monday, January 6, 2014

Food: Burps & Giggles @ Ipoh, Perak

When I was little, we'd always stop by Ipoh specially for some sar hor fun. The story goes like this - all the limestone hills surrounding Ipoh and the minerals in the water, that water can then make exceptionally smooth, slithery hor fun (flat rice noodles). Or something to that effect. Don't quote me on the above, but it's a story that I've heard many a time, from my parents, Adam's parents, etc.

But the Ipoh F&B scene is greatly changing! This time, when we went to Ipoh to enjoy our Banjaran getaway, I made it a point to have more than just hor fun. Burps & Giggles, a new venture by the people behind Indulgence, was where we were going after I had heard so much about it, and I was really determined to try it.

Adam the Ipoh boy wasn't very helpful because every time he returns to Ipoh, it's always hor fun and local food. To his surprise, Burps & Giggles was only a row away from his favourite hor fun place Thean Chun, occupying two old shoplots, unbeknownst to him all this while.

At 2pm on a Saturday, the place was absolutely buzzing! The tables were all packed, the grill busy churning out burgers and hungry unseated patrons in a queue, watching the other diners like hawks. We grudgingly joined the end of the queue.

I loved the decor and the ambiance - lots of rustic wood, kitschy vintage knick-knacks, distressed walls on one side, and a bright sunlit courtyard on the other side. Burps & Giggles is a place with lots of personality and a story to tell.

 If you walk through the longish shop lot, there's a narrow lane you'll come out to, and to our surprise, there were even people there tucking into their burgers!

(My parents would probably have a heart attack if I told them they needed to queue, pay what they think is premium price for a burger, and sit in a small lorong-like lane to eat them. Heh.)

On to the food! Burps & Giggles serve some really interesting burger concoctions. Other than burgers, there's also some quiches and cakes on display at the counter.

Your burgers are served stabbed.

The towering Bam Bam (RM 28) was an obvious choice - I mean, who are we to say no to a wagyu patty, a fried egg, cheese, beetroot, horseradish... no, we can't. Our first thought was that the patty didn't look like much, but it turned out to be pretty substantial, and of course, oh-so-juicy.

Having the Bam Bam will not make you look like a lady. The beetroot will also make it look like a crime scene, but that's okay, because everything tastes so good together. Sloppy, but good.

Surprisingly, I actually preferred the Harvey (RM 16). I didn't expect to enjoy a fish burger - beef or pork are usually my go-tos - but after reviews raved about the Harvey, I decided to order it... and was rewarded by a really tasty burger. :D

A cross-section of the Harvey
The Harvey is made of a fish patty, well-accompanied with coriander-mint salad and a Thai infused spread. The flavours were so robust and memorable! I really liked the tang and taste of the Thai spread mingling with the mint; the crunchy coleslaw was also great for the texture. Absolutely awesome with the fluffy, sesame-scattered bun.

Adam was a bit letdown because he was expecting a flaky fish fillet, instead of a fish cake-like patty but I think it actually works a lot better this way with the combination.

Drinks are becoming increasingly expensive everywhere and Ipoh is no exception. A Spider Coke (coke float) will set you back by RM 10.

The Brownie (RM 10) was slightly disappointing because I was expecting more from them, especially after their burgers and Indulgence's reputation with desserts. Just not as moist or as decadent as I would have liked. They're supposed to have other great cakes and tarts though, maybe next time!

Certainly how we were feeling after lunch

Burps & Giggles is definitely a place I would love to return... for sure! The ambiance, coupled together with the great burgers we had are more than enough reason to. I do wish it wasn't so many km away from us though...

Burps & Giggles | Facebook
(row behind Restoran Thean Chun)
93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf,
30000 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +6 05 242 6188
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Wed-Mon; 8:30am-8:30pm, closed Tuesdays

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