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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Travel: Hanoi Day #1 - Hello Hanoi; Rising Dragon Cathedral Hotel @ Au Trieu St, Old Quarter

So, it's been ages since we've last done a travel post! Not because of a lack of travelling, because our trip to Hanoi has been pending since late 2012. Anyway I hope I can still remember enough from the trip to cobble out useful posts over our near-1 week trip. (And if not I always have Wendy's super-computer-memory to fall back on =D)

When people ask me why I chose Hanoi instead of the more urban Ho Chi Minh for our first foray into Vietnam, I honestly can't give a proper reason. Mostly it's because we knew we wanted to see Ha Long Bay, which is one of the wonders of the earth that's nearer to us in South East Asia

Before we went, we did some research on places to visit & where to eat, and orientated ourselves with the below map, where we mapped out the main districts we would visit from our base of Hoan Kiem (Old Quarter, where our hotel and where most tourists will spend most of their time exploring). 

We too spent most of our time wandering around the Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem), explored a little bit more of Ba Dinh & and the fringe of Dong Da on foot, and just cabbed to specific places in Cau Giay & Tay Ho which we knew we wanted to visit beforehand. Hanoi is far bigger than what we've mapped out above, with other villages outside of town where some opt to make day trips to see silkworms, or pottery productions.

The great thing is that Hanoi (or more specifically, Old Quarter) is very easy to maneuver by yourself with a map (these are provided at each hotel), because street signs are clear and every shopfront has the full address on it, unlike Malaysia. It was really easy, convenient and it made finding things a lot easier!

L: Getting a cab outside Noi Bai Airport; R: The toll booths; and pigs!

Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi is a bit like our Penang Airport; it serves international destinations, but don't expect it to be really big and bustling (although the latest renovations in the Penang airport have really spruced up the place!). The first issue when getting out of an airport is always getting transport to the city / hotel. At Noi Bai, there is an information counter which will gladly get a taxi for you, but charge you much more for it as well. I sensed something amiss with the USD 30 price, and ended up going with a man standing around that offered us the same trip for only USD 18. (Although... we gave him USD 20 and after rummaging around for change, he just hopped into his cab and drove off -__-)

Our destination from the airport? Rising Dragon Cathedral Hotel! As there were 4 of us on the trip, the task was to look for either 2 rooms or 1 big room that could fit all of us. RDCH was one of the few that actually could accommodate that requirement for one big room. Long story short, we had absolutely no regrets staying at RDCH, as the room was comfortable, service was excellent, and price was nothing to complain about!

The staff here generally multi-task at a host of duties, but they're always so cheerful and ever-ready to provide any assistance. Wendy usually gets them to help her with marking places on her map before we leave the hotel for the day. Another tip? If you need a cab, get the front desk here to call you one instead of walking out to hail one. The ones they call are metered, and they arrive extremely quickly (One even came in 10 seconds - imagine that! We had a real pleasant shock.)

The price for our family room worked out to be USD 300 for 4 nights, inclusive of tax and service charges, with breakfast every morning included as well. That's the equivalent of around USD 20 / RM 60 per person per night! Even better still, no deposit is needed, because the full amount is paid upon check out. Of all our trips, this has been the most value for money hotel we've stayed in.

How great was the room? I kid you not when I say this room in a small hotel in Hanoi city had some better perks than 5 star resorts in first world countries! For example, what hotel actually provides a laptop (although slightly outdated) with free wifi access these days? You'd normally have to pay an additional charge on top of already exorbitant hotel prices. Also, air-conditioning may be a given at all hotels these days, but how many actually have one with a funky design that adds to the charm? It's these little things that greatly enhance the overall appeal of the room. =D

Even though there were 2 single beds and a double bed in the room all in a row, it was still big enough for all of us to move around comfortably. The beds were also comfortable, with a super single-size mattress for the single beds. 

Even the bathroom was nice and large, with a very spacious shower area nicely partitioned off. The window at the shower opens up for a view of the small side street below, just in case you want to belt out a few hits for the common folk down below while in the shower. =D Thankfully, it also wasn't noisy at night.

Goes without saying that other basic hotel amenities are well provided for. We didn't make much use of the toiletries, but the safe and hairdryer came in handy! Bottles of water are also a must when traveling overseas. (We still buy more during the trip, but anything free is always welcome!)

And as if we weren't already getting such a great deal out of the room, we were also pleasantly surprised by the breakfast spread! While it doesn't feature lots of meat like bacon and sausages, the breakfast menu has 3 different styles of egg, 4 different styles of pancake, and some french toast too! Suffice to say over the 4 days we were there we got to try everything on that breakfast menu, because there's no limitation on the quantity you can order. =D

Dragonfruit is also very common in Vietnam. We gathered as much because every morning we would have this as our fruit without fail! 

And just to prove RDCH is just like any other Vietnamese establishment, they serve some Pho (either beef or chicken) for breakfast too! Granted it wasn't the best we had during the trip, but it came darn close. We really liked the banana cinnamon pancakes here as well.

As we mentioned, service here is impeccable, sometimes to their own detriment. There was one time our friend Mel asked for yogurt, but they had run out. Instead of  just saying it was finished, the poor waiter-cum-chef-cum-porter ran out to the nearby convenience store to buy some! Now that's what real service is about.  =D

We could go on and on about the fun memories we had staying at Rising Dragon Cathedral Hotel, but I'll just sum it up by saying if you ever think of visiting Hanoi and want to stay near the Old Quarter, we highly recommend them. Don't be suspicious because of the cheap price; what you get in return will be many times more of what  you spend.

Rising Dragon Cathedral Hotel Site
(formerly Hanoi Spring Hotel, near St Joseph's Cathedral)
No. 38 Au Trieu Street,
Hoan Kiem, 10000 Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84-4 3826 8500
Fax: +84-4 3938 1865
Email: [email protected]
Wi-fi & laptop provided in room

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Food: Fa Ying by Rama V @ Paradigm Mall

Rama V has a place that has been on my to-visit list for awhile now, especially after reading about their a la carte buffet spread available on Sundays. However, something or another has always come up on Sundays and so my urge to visit Rama V gets neglected time and time again.

Hence, when I heard about Fa-Ying by Rama V opening up in Paradigm Mall, I was pretty excited! Fa-Ying wasn't opened yet when the rest of the mall opened, which left me waiting impatiently.

Fa-Ying's located on the Ground Floor of Paradigm Mall, close by to TGIF's al fresco dining area. It's not a bit space, but it's been done up very nicely with warm, cozy lighting and a chic outdoors area by the bar.

I guess I would call Fa-Ying the contemporary, fusion child of Rama V. Fa-Ying's menu isn't all that large, but it has some traditional Thai dishes like tom yam and green curry; while the rest of its menu is devoted new interpretations of Thai favourites.

We were particularly ravenous that day, so we quickly ordered the Thai Beef Sate (RM 18) as a starter while we pored over the rest of the menu. 

This got us started off in a good way - I loved the big chunks of well-marinated beef bursting with flavour. Most pieces were succulent and enjoyable but we had some dull, tough pieces, which would be my only gripe about this dish. The accompanying dip was also very special and went excellent with the beef, creamy with hints of peanut. We couldn't quite place our finger on its ingredients exactly, but who cares when it was so good?

Adam is not a fan of pomelos, no matter how sweet they are, something I realized (hey, you do learn something new about each other every day! :p) when I cajoled to order the Pomelo Salad with Prawns (RM16) and found myself eating close to all of it when it arrived! *burp* The pomelo chunks were excellent; juicy and naturally sweet just like those you can only get from Tambun. Douse all that pomelo with a spicy-tangy dressing and toss in some fresh, plump prawns and fresh herbs and you get a really acidic, appetizing dish. I really did like this salad, but I would say it's strictly for sharing - the portions are large and you can't really eat too much of it because it can get quite overpowering.

I love Pad Thai noodles, so I wondered if the Thai Stir-Fried Spaghetti with Chicken & Seafood (RM 22) would resemble it in any way. It had some savoury-sweetness reminiscent of a Pad Thai, but not much of any other flavour; a bit one-dimensional in my opinion. The saving grace was that they were pretty generous with the chicken and seafood in our serving.

We were a bit curious about what nam tok was, and asked our waiter before we ordered it, but he couldn't really explain it so we decided to take a gamble with the Thai Beef Sandwich in Nam Tok Style (RM 22).

It turned out to be one heck of a fiery sandwich! The sliced beef was lovely, very tender which made the sandwich very easy to eat. Put that together with the fragrant fresh herbs and vegetables it was sandwiched with - with what I think was a combination of (lots of) chilli, coriander, Thai basil, onions, lime juice and maybe a dousing of fish sauce - and it turned out to be tongue-numbing.

I thought the fresh combination complemented the grilled beef extremely well but Adam found it so spicy that he barely ate two bites (poor thing, actually I think he came away from this dinner quite hungry, first the pomelo and now this... lol). The bread and the tangy side of julienned vegetables with peanut were also very good. A substantial sandwich for beef & spice lovers!

(After I got home, I googled nam tok, and find out that it means 'waterfall' in Thai - as in, so spicy you'll be crying like a waterfall? That would surely explain it :D)

We decided to be adventurous for our dessert and ordered Fa-Ying's version of our usual favourite Mango Sticky Rice - only theirs comes deep-fried as a fritter. We didn't quite fancy this despite some glowing reviews from others and I particularly found it very overpriced because we barely got any mango in the fritter. We were left having the ice cream with glutinous rice, which though it made for pleasant nibbling, did not justify the RM 16 price tag. I'm quite sure you get a lot more mango ordering the normal version.

The Thai Tea with Milk (RM 9) was surprisingly not sweet, unlike the usual toe-curlingly sweet Thai Tea you would get in Thailand, and had an unexpected roasted flavour that I found took some getting used to. The Peachlifters (RM 13) was a lot sweeter and a lot more refreshing. 

It was a night of some hits and some misses for us at Fa-Ying, but I do appreciate the experimental menu and the thought they give to fusion. However, we feel that the prices for the appetizer, drinks & dessert are a tad steep with the mains being more reasonable. We passed by a few days ago and saw some set lunch menus that look quite value for money too. I'd return to sample some of their other stuff... on a night when I'm craving some spicy! There's also a Green Curry Chocolate Cake that I don't think I can ever convince Adam to order... who wants to come with me? :P

Fa-Ying, by Rama V | Facebook
(outside area, close to TGIF's outdoors dining area & Bulgogi Brothers)
Lot GB-08, Paradigm Mall,
47301 Petaling Jaya,Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-7451 2933
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu, 11am-12midnight; Fri & Sat, 11am-1am

Friday, May 24, 2013

Food: Bar Bites @ Brotzeit, Mid Valley Megamall

Can't get to your nearest Brotzeit? Why not have Brotzeit come to you? Brotzeit is one of many restaurants featured on, a food delivery service reaching out to hungry people everywhere! Take a look here to see all available choices for delivery from Brotzeit.


By now, Brotzeit is considered an established name amongst the ever-growing population of bars and restaurants. But then not many people would think of Brotzeit when looking for somewhere to have afternoon tea. Which is why they have now launched a new tea time menu specifically aimed at drawing in the afternoon crowd for some light snacks and perhaps a beer or two. =)

Usually we save the most fascinating dish till last, but we were served this Mini Brotzeit Platter (RM 29) first - though in our opinion, we wouldn't consider it "mini" - so we're also going to start off the post with this cold Bavarian smorgasboard combining obatzda, gouda, emmenthal cheese, pork belly, leg of ham, pork liver pate and bacon spread with some German bread. If there's one thing worth sharing over afternoon tea (or beer), it's a platter of ham and pate! 

We won't profess to be cheese experts; the furthest I've ever gone with cheese was during cheese tasting sessions in Melbourne! But if you're a real cheese connoisseur, you'll surely be able to appreciate the Emmenthal (the light yellow colour one), Gouda (the chunky darker yellow one), and Obatzda (the middle thick dip in the trio plate). Of the 3, the Gouda has the strongest after taste, while the Emmenthal is the lightest. We also enjoyed the pate, spreading liberal amounts over the bread provided, topping it with some of the cold cuts of ham. What better way to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon? =D

The bar bites menu features a few deep fried options, like this Breaded Camembert (RM 15); featuring majestic twin peaks stuffed with melted cheese!

Just take a look at all that luxurious silky cheese oozing out! While it's actually pretty plain and simple, the taste is improved somewhat by the cranberry sauce provided. It's an excellent touch, as the cranberry sauce neutralizes part of the gooey and cheesy feeling of the camembert cheese.

There's also a simple Mini Fried Platter (RM 13) for those feeling peckish, which is a triplet of prawn, chicken and fish. It's just simple breaded deep-fried meat, but what makes the distinction is the special dip that comes with it! The final product comprises a mix of mayo, mustard, garlic, chilli, and onion plus possibly a host of other ingredients that only Chef Helmut knows - it's something he whipped up on the spot. It's truly a one-of-a-kind sauce that we couldn't get enough of.

Fried food not your thing? How about some fresh seafood? The Seafood Teaser (RM 15) won't fill many tummies (it is a teaser after all!), but it will allow you to savor the individually unique flavours of Smoked salmon, seared tuna, and prawn together with a laugenbread roll. Don't try and share this; one serving is just enough for one average-sized tummy. =D

Raw fish also not your thing? How about a mini roll? The Gypsy Pork Belly Roll (RM 13) is a cute creation, small enough to be considered a snack, but large enough to be quite filling. There's tomato, egg, pickled cucumber, and gypsy pork belly, creating a well balanced taste between the salty pork belly and the refreshing vegetables.

The Smoked Salmon Roll (RM 15) is quite similar to the Gypsy Pork Belly Roll, except for the absence of egg (and pork belly of course!). Wendy liked this more because of the addition of cream cheese with the smoked salmon, while I of course, preferred the pork belly one like any self-respecting meat lover :D There's no telling which roll is better; both are unique in their own way. 

Credit must be given to these yummy bread rolls - coincidentally, Chef Helmut also explained that Brotzeit translated to 'bread time', referring to a time of the day, breakfast/brunch, for Germans - they had a good bite to them and we ended up stuffing ourselves silly with bread.

Moving on to a  well known staple, albeit of the non-halal variety - Pork Meatballs (RM 13). While rolls and fresh seafood are a bit hard to share, these meatballs are perfect for dividing and conquering. There's no need for pasta when it's an afternoon snack. =P

Finally, the one thing I can eat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper... Sausages! Called the Sausage Duet (RM 13), this is a partnership of spicy chicken sausage and pork cheese sausage, accompanied by more laugenbread rolls. The spicy sausage does live up to its name, reminding us of other 'dynamite' sausages we've had in the past, while the cheese sausage is excellent as always, juicy and sinful. Again this portion is just nice for one person I reckon; you'd have a tough time getting me to share this one. =P

While that concluded the tasting of the new Bar Bites menu, we were not done with the meal yet! Out came the dessert, featuring a mound of strawberries in the middle, with a chocolate biscuit resting on one scoop of ice cream each. But was that really a biscuit?

Turns out, that "biscuit" is the highlight of the dessert, because it's actually very crispy bacon coated in gleaming chocolate! The bacon is extremely crispy, so it's easy to eat. Don't kid yourself and expect a sweet taste, because the taste is definitely savoury in nature with hints of sweet chocolate. But don't leave the other parts unattended! The strawberries are spiced with pepper, while the cream-coloured quenelles beneath the bacon are a lovely milky white chocolate mousse and not ice cream as we initially thought. Eat a bit of everything together with the bacon chocolate, and I daresay your eyes will light up soon after. =D

Admitting the need to create more "fruity" desserts, Brotzeit also has this Orange Cream Cheese Flavoured Tiramisu on it's new dessert menu. What made this so interesting was the citrus twist to a coffee-based dessert, and the fact that Chef Helmut's recipe contained absolutely no mascarpone cheese. Instead he used cream cheese, whipping it to mirror the texture of mascarpone. Very impressive! A tad too sweet for us after a few spoonfuls, though.

There was also the Chocolate Profiterole with Vanilla Ice Cream and Sugar Apple Fritter on Vanilla Sauce. We liked the apple fritter, a flat ring of apple slices battered, fried and sugared like a donut. All the desserts disappeared in a jiffy!

But wait! There was one more surprise in store for us. These little babies looked cute from the outside, but as the saying goes, big things can come in small packages! =D

In each of these Berentzen Schnapps was alcohol content of about 15-18%. There are a few flavours available like apple, plum, or fruits of the forest (a mixed berries flavour). The easiest to drink for us was probably the apple reminiscent of apple Bacardi. We didn't fancy the berry flavoured one that much, because it had that berry cough syrup taste to it. Whatever it is, don't go downing too many of these lil' fellas, or you'll have a hard time thinking straight later! Thankfully by then we were done with all the pictures, or we might not have had a steady hand anymore. =D One bottle is RM 15, or you can get a set of 5 for RM 60. Only available at Brotzeit!

We also had some Fursten Gold, a pleasant refreshing beer to go with all the pork dishes we were having. Glides down the throat and slightly earthy.

While the prices at Brotzeit are generally on the high side, the launch of this latest Bar Bites menu tries to address that by creating some much more affordable afternoon snacks! The Bar Bites menu has been launched since May 1, so head on down to Brotzeit for your own afternoon treats today. =)

Brozeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant | Facebook
At the end of the row from Chili's & Delicious
Lot G(E)-018,
Ground External Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2287 9516
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am, closes at 1am on Fri & Sat, and 12am all other days.
Bar Bites Menu as reviewed is available from 3pm-6pm daily

Brotzeit's food is also conveniently available on

*All photos here taken with iPhone5

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Food: PLOY @ Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights

Sorry about the lack of updates. Like the rest of the nation, we've been too busy with the election fever!

Honestly, before this review we had never known or been to Clearwater at Changkat Semantan. Thank goodness we made the effort to attend a review at PLOY, or else we'd have continued in oblivious bliss!

PLOY is billed as a Japanese-Thai inspired restaurant. I'm never the biggest fan of fusion food, but we'd heard some nice things about the place. So, we were excited to give their new menu specials for 2013 a try!

Getting right down to business, we started off with 2 salads. One was the Golden Needle Salad (RM 15), comprising tofu with avocado, brocolli and wafu dressing. If you're curious about what golden needle is, it's also known as dried lily buds (some of you may have had it with Chinese vegetarian stir-fries or noodles; it's got a slightly acid taste and is quite chewy when not deep-fried). Don't confuse it with golden needle mushroom, because that refers to enoki mushrooms! =D

We thought this salad was okay, something light and refreshing to start a meal. The slithery tofu was nice and smooth, and the stringy golden needles were an interesting addition.

Salad number 2 was the Tuna Wakame Salad (RM 23), consisting of tuna cubes, avocado and sesame  shoyu dressing. This salad was more substantial, with the addition of fresh tuna and seaweed while the sesame shoyu dressing gave it a distinct Japanese flavour. I thought it was well done, since the dressing was mild in flavour, not too strong. We preferred this salad.

After the salads came the other snack appetizers. We thought this Tempura Surprise (RM15) sounded unique, billed as seabass wrapped in oba leaf. If you don't know what oba leaf is, it's actually a big leaf commonly used when ordering sashimi to line the plate or bed of ice. In this case, it's been wrapped up with the fish and lightly fried in batter.

The Tempura Surprise (seabass) on the left & the Kabocha Tempura (pumpkin) on the right
While I did like the firm chunks of fish, the oba leaf was a bit disappointing, as there wasn't much flavour to it.

Continuing with the tempura dishes, next we had the Kabocha Tempura (RM 8.50), which was pumpkin tempura with salted egg. This is the kind of dish that has to be eaten fresh out of the fryer and piping hot, otherwise the pumpkin texture becomes hard to eat when cold, which was what we experienced. We were a bit disappointed with the salted egg, as it was just sprinkled on top instead of infused with the tempura batter. 

At this point, you might be wondering where the fusion stuff is, since everything so far has been quite Japanese. Well, there are also these Magic Puffs (RM 32), a luxurious-sounding combination of homemade puff pastry paired with goat cheese, truffle oil and wild rocket.

Alas, there must have been a blackout in the kitchen, causing a sudden disappearance of ballot boxes filling, because the puffs were actually hollow inside! The goat cheese, truffle oil, and rocket were all neatly placed atop the puff pastry, with nothing inside. The toppings had a nice earthy flavour, no doubt thanks to the truffle oil, but we felt pretty surprised since we were expecting something more inside the puff. Perhaps the chef still has something up his sleeve? =)

For something that looks a lot less Asian, how about the Smoked Duck Breast and Chicken Ham Pizza (RM 28), an addition to their Ploy-za range? The crust was extremely thin, so this is at best a snack, where you don't have to worry about being filled up by the pastry. The green base is not wasabi (thankfully!), but avocado, a running theme in their menu at PLOY.

But wait! Our favourites of the meal are coming up. There were some very bright spots, like the Crab in a Wrap (RM 28), which is a maki of soft shell crab with mango, avocado and spicy kani. Of all the dishes we tried that night, this was one of our favourites. There was plenty of that spicy kani which provided a great, spicy kick, and just the right amount of soft shell crab in each piece. The overall texture was well balanced by the avocado, leaving us sighing with contentment at every piece! =D

Nearing the end of the meal now, we were treated to the more substantial items on the menu, like this Godfather Special (RM 22), which was made up of a salmon don with ikura, avocado, royu and nori in crunchy tempura flakes and seaweed slithers. This, together with the Crab in a Wrap mentioned earlier, were our top 2 favourites for the night.

We were thoroughly enthralled by the combinations in this spicy bowl of rice. The crunchiness of the tempura bits, coupled with the crisp 'popping' texture of the ikura, and the creamy ever-present avocado (which I was getting scared of after so many avocado dishes but Wendy was still enjoying it) with the fragrant flavour of sesame oil, make this a bowl of rice we don't want to leave unfinished. Perhaps most suited for sharing with one other person, although we dare say there are some who could put down one bowl on their own. =P This is the must-order off of their new menu.

And to wrap up the meal at PLOY, we had a taste of the Pasta From Heaven (RM 28), a simple combination of sakura ebi angel hair in truffle oil. For this dish, we found the inconsistency between the 2 plates of pasta that were served a little strange. One had a healthy topping of mini fried shrimp, while another had just a few pieces, like as if it was placed there as an afterthought. One plate had parsley garnishing on top, while the other didn't. Hopefully something confined to just that night.

Taste-wise, it was not our cup of tea (or our plate of pasta, in this case!). Take note that this is a cold pasta, so don't expect a hot dish. We could taste the hint of truffle oil, but you're someone who's keen on a cold dish pasta (perhaps those the likes of those who like cold soba?), we wouldn't really recommend it.

Finally, the feast was over and we were completely stuffed, but you know what they say, there's always space for dessert - to wrap things up, we were treated to a trio of sweet treats by the kind folks at PLOY:

The Creme Caramel (RM 10.50) was a good try, but does not match up to my original favourite of those served in coffee shops in Ipoh. Still, should satisfy one who's craving for some creme caramel - you sure don't see this often in the Klang Valley!

The Sticky Date Pudding (RM 8.50) was small, but could be too sweet for many of you. Best shared.

The consensus on the desserts was that the best was the Durian Panacotta (RM 10.50), wobbly and delicate and full of flavour from the musang king durian. A delight for durian lovers!

All in all, we had an enjoyable time at PLOY that night, especially since the ambiance there is very chic and peaceful, even though it's just off the main road. While not every dish in their new 2013 menu struck a chord with us, the existing menu is already very wide on its own, making us think about when we're going dedicate one night to test the other interesting items on offer.

Chef Daniel, who came out to meet with us diners at every dish, acknowledged some of the inconsistencies that night and mentioned that they had a rare, untimely logistics issue with the kitchen that day and personally assured us that this was only one-off. All the more reason that we do not mind returning again, especially for that Godfather Special!

*The full set of photos can be found in our Facebook album here.

PLOY | Site
Lot G-02, Ground Floor,
[email protected], Changkat Semantan,
Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2095 0999
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 12pm-3pm & 6pm-12am; Sat, 6pm-12am

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