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Friday, November 22, 2013

Travel: Hanoi Day #5 - Ha Long Bay Cruise Day 3 (Leaving Nam Cat Island and back to the Imperial Cruise!)

Remember how in our earlier post we mentioned that the beach was no fun at all because the tide had receded? Well, the next morning it was gorgeous!

The waves were crashing onto shore and there were a few people swimming, but we didn't have enough time for that because we needed to make it for breakfast and rush back to catch the next Imperial Cruise back to Ha Long. It really was a pretty sight though! :)

If you were one of those lucky enough to get a chalet further out, you would have woken up right in the middle of the water.

Lovely shades in the sky

Took a last walk around the island "bungalows" while it was still early and peaceful.


Breakfast was a simple affair at Nam Cat Island, just lots of toast, fried eggs and bananas.

If only we had more time here to kayak!

Leaving... on a crickety pier

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Imperial Cruise we selected had options for either 2D1N (1 night onboard the cruise) or 3D2N (1 night on the cruise and 1 night on Nam Cat island which we chose). Those that chose 3D2N switched boats to be brought to Nam Cat, while the remaining 2D1N guests on board headed back to Ha Long.

The next day, we were brought back to the boat, joining another group of 2D1N guests onboard heading back to Ha Long.

Back on board, we quickly got down to business with a quick Vietnamese spring roll demo!

The filling, consisting of glass noodles and an assortment of carrots, cabbage & mushrooms amongst others, had already been prepared so they just walked us through the recipe... it really was more for us to have a bit of fun rolling the spring rolls up!

Obviously, we had to encourage the guys to give it a go! 

Never before (and probably never again) have we seen Adam Zhen Han rolling up spring rolls. :D

All wrapped up in rice paper

Beware... you never know what's lurking in the shadows :P

After that, we had to give them a bit of time to deep-fry all our spring rolls of various lengths and thickness so we headed up to the top deck for one final time to enjoy the beauty surrounding us. Nothing really beats the wind whipping through your hair and seeing all the majestic rock formations go by.

Classic photo of ZH's disgusted face when Adam puts on my sunnies LOL

Soon after that, we wistfully bid the top deck goodbye as we were called down to the dining hall. There was a quick thank you/farewell speech from our guide before lunch was served.

First, the spring rolls! Vietnamese spring rolls (or nem, as they call them) quickly became my favourite during our Hanoi trip actually, I think it's something about the crisp, crackly rice paper wrappings!

Credit to the Imperial Cruise cooks have to be given, we didn't have one unsatisfying meal on board - every meal was delicious. :) You'll be surprised to find out that chunky fries (top left pic) are a staple part of their menu... could it be the French influence in Vietnam? Lol.

Grilled pork skewers for our last lunch there!

Reluctantly, we left our boat and began the long bumpy bus ride back to Hanoi. I think the journey back felt much longer than the journey there - simply because the excitement was gone.

When we reached Hanoi, it was already getting dark and the rush hour madness was just beginning. We got dropped to the doorstep of our hotel and got freshened up for our next agenda of the night... Adam's birthday dinner. Unbeknownst to him, we had a nice place we were headed to for the night, but that's a story for another post! :D

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