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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Travel: Hanoi Day #4 - Ha Long Bay Cruise Day 2 (Cycling & trekking on Cat Ba Island, staying at Nam Cat Island)

Note: Hi everyone! It's been a really long hiatus from blogging for us because things just got really crazy at work, and then we also just took an awesome 10 day holiday to Taiwan! But before we can talk more about it, let's try to finish up some of our Hanoi backlog :p
A serene Ha Long Bay before everyone else wakes up

We continue the 2nd day of our Ha Long Bay cruise at the crack of dawn. Or at least Wendy and Mel did. In an effort to catch the morning sunrise, they woke up nice and early and prepped themselves for the rising of the sun. 


Unfortunately it turned out into a bit of a disappointment because the skies were overcast that morning, so there was not going to be a spectacular photo op for a sunrise! *insert Wendy's disappointed face here*

I was not around during those earlier pictures, because I was still sleeping nicely. I emerged somewhere around this time, when it was later and the skies were brighter! I admit, just having a good view of all the boats moored around in the still of the morning is a real treat. It makes everything seem at peace. =) 

Sails! Almost all boats now have no sails, and are painted white, following directives from the government

But soon enough it was morning, and the world started waking up. Sounds of motorboats and generators come roaring to life, with the splashes and waves of the smaller fishing boats going by.

Small boat, vast ocean

And let's not forget the "floating mini-markets", who sell all kinds of things that someone on a boat could possibly need! Although this was taken in the morning before breakfast, I remember some came up to the boats at night too, and they will use long poles to pass goods and money over to passengers. It's weird because they can see into the rooms, so if you're the self-conscious type, don't sit around in your room half naked expecting lots of privacy. =P

This shot taken by Wendy, sitting at the window of her room. Below is the Moleskine Travel journal, which I generously bequeathed to her. =D

After the spreads for lunch & dinner the day before, breakfast was an exercise in self-control. Though wonderful to have sausages and eggs and bread in the middle of Ha Long Bay on a cruise, the rationing of one sausage and one egg per person wasn't quite nearly enough to satisfy our big appetites! Oh did I mention the sausages were tiny? The bananas were at least 3x the size! =D

Group shot!

Soon the boat was on its way again, off to our next destination, Cat Ba Island!

But before that, our cruise included a quick stopover at a pearl farm. Being the poor, stingy Asians that we are, we stayed on the boat because we were too lazy to walk around knowing we wouldn't buy anything. =P

...Instead we just lounged around the deck doing our own things.... =D (Those slippers were provided in the room btw. They're not mine! =/ )

After the rest were done with the oyster farm visit, we hopped onto another boat that would bring us to Cat Ba Island, while the original cruise we were on would carry the other passengers (who had opted for 2D1N instead of 3D2N like we did) back to Ha Long. By boat, we crossed over from Ha Long to the Haiphong province where Cat Ba Island, the largest island in the Bay, was located.

When we finally got to Cat Ba Island, we knew there was going to be some cycling involved, but we weren't prepared to see the old granny-bicycles-with-baskets-in-front that were awaiting us!

I think we were the most unprepared of the lot, since Wendy and I hadn't ridden a bicycle in years, Zhen Han was still recovering from torn ligaments in his foot, and Mel didn't know how to ride!

To make matters worse, Wendy was in FitFlops and Zhen Han wore Asadi slippers. I'm amazed we made it to the end at all... =D  (Mel skipped this part and got a motorcyclist to zoom her to the pit stop instead.)

The route was pretty hilly and narrow so soon we were nicely huffing and puffing away. The wind in our faces, coupled with the lush scenery was awesome though!

Crossing the fields

Wendy also suddenly rekindled her love for cycling so she pretty much pedalled ahead and had to wait for Zhen Han and I quite a bit. That's us coming down the lane, finally!

Our guide pointing out where we were, and where we were heading

After we pedalled and pedalled, past the bay with the scenic view, deeper into Cat Ba Island where we passed fields and oxen, finally arriving at our destination, the rest house where we stopped for a breather and left the bikes, continuing the next part which was a trek around the island! Nearly half the island is covered by a National Park so I guess it only seemed right that this was part of the tour.

With so many of us, the guide couldn't really stop to make sure each of us was keeping up. We had to make sure we weren't left behind! Plenty of nature's dangers to watch out for though, like these low hanging thorny branches that could have sliced our faces if we walked through it.

Got to cross a small stream? No sweat. Just put 2 planks over it, and away we go! Slipping is not an option of course.. =D

Halfway through the trek we took a break after coming out through the other side of this cave.

Our guide was glad enough to show us how one of the roots hanging just outside cave was strong enough to withstand all his weight. We were all worried of course because below was a long fall down the hill!

For Mel, who we think felt left out because she didn't get to ride a bicycle, this was the perfect chance to have some fun of her own! So when obviously no one volunteered to give the hanging root a try, our dear friend had to do her best tarzan-and-jane act. =D

Pedalling through gorgeous views like this one in Lan Ha Bay on Cat Ba

On the way back, we pedalled back to the boat the same way we came. Because we didn't want to be the last to arrive like how we were on the way there, we got a head start and pedalled off first. Everyone else took awhile to catch up, which we later found out was because an accident happened to one of the little boys in the group, who had to be rushed off to hospital immediately. It was all quite scary and dramatic, but it was unbeknownst to us at the time.

Our next and final destination for the day was Nam Cat Island, where we would be spending the night in our bungalows... or 'bung-gah-laus' as our tour guide put it!

But before we even got to see the bungalows, it was time for lunch first! This time portions were better and servings bigger, so we each had enough for our fill. Food on the cruise tasted better, but after the trek and the bike rides we were famished so it didn't matter to us.

All occupied for the night! I think we got 302 and 304.... =P

The exterior

The best way to describe the bungalows is with 2 words - Bare Minimum. 2 single beds, 2 wall fans, toilet, sink, and shower. The girls' room had a bit of trouble with the hot water, so the resident handyman had to spend pretty much the whole afternoon sorting that out.

Nam Cat Island was advertised as having lots of activities to do. Those who wanted to go off the island could also take a short boat trip to nearby Monkey Island which we opted out on. Unfortunately, staying on the island didn't really work out for us. There weren't enough oars for us to go kayaking, and besides that there really wasn't much else.

To make matters worse, we hit the beach when the tide was receding, so we couldn't even take a quick dip in the water.

Yup, that's exactly how dry and depressing it was -__-

In the end, we just alternated between bumming around on deck chairs and playing with the cute little kids from other families. =D

The kitchen getting started!
The second night of our cruise ended with a barbecue dinner, which we were looking forward to. (Somehow we always seem hungrier on holidays :S)

Dinner was good! The barbecue took awhile to get going so we were left waiting and chatting to some of the other tourists but when it finally came it smelt great!

There was a barbecued assortment of chicken, pork and beef, plus some clams and squid as well. No better place to have a barbecue than in a thatched hut on the beach, we say!

And that concludes the end of our Day 4 Hanoi (and Ha Long) adventure! More coming really soon... in the next post, we rejoin the cruise and sail back to Ha Long, plus we also celebrate my birthday back in Hanoi =)

The full set of photos for this post can be found at our Facebook page here.

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