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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Food: Signature Items from Komugi Bakery @ Mid Valley Megamall, KL

Try walking into Komugi or Lavender further down the aisle in Mid Valley and you'll be greeted with hordes of overzealous women trying to secure insane amounts of bread and pastry. Open for awhile now at the Lower Ground floor of Mid Valley Megamall, Komugi boasts of a wide selection of freshly baked high-quality bread and alluring-looking pastries. The smell of baked goods wafting out of the shop gets to me every time!

Extremely curious one day, I decided to buy the two Komugi signature items - the Signature Hanjuku Cheese and the Namachoco Sand. The items from their cake display can be purchased over the cake counter itself, letting you avoid queueing up at the main counter where most of the crowd is.

Made from the premium cream cheese, the Signature Hanjuku Cheese (RM 3.50is a tiny little thing, maybe nearly three inches in length? I actually witnessed people buying these up by the boxes so they had me pretty intrigued.

It tasted lovely, a thin layer of light sponge at the bottom covered with a layer of fluffy yet creamy and indulgent cream cheese. I felt like it was almost savoury, treading a fine line between savoury and sweet. 

The Namachoco Sand (RM 4) is larger and comes in Green Tea or Chocolate. Seeing that Komugi was heavily Japanese-influenced, the Green Tea it was!

This was also very nice, a pillowy soft sponge sandwich with light, fragrant green tea cream down the middle. Nothing too sweet, with the airy texture just perfect. 

I'm always attracted by colourful things so the perfect looking macarons at Komugi lured me in, making me buy four different flavours at RM 4 each.

(Adam went, tsk tsk at me when I came back with more than I was supposed to. My rationale? Haven't had macarons in awhile okay. /defensive mechanism)

Well, I guess the morale of the story is that greed never pays off because these weren't fantastic. Nowhere near Les Deux Garcons or even Babycakes Sweet Shoppe's. The Black Praline was probably the best of the lot, a rather nutty pleasant one with a melty filling. 

The purple Taro one was creamy with a hint of yam while the Mango had a very sticky and chewy texture to its filling and just tasted artificial as a whole. I had high hopes for the Pistachio but Komugi's version has some almond essence into the filling which was a big no-no for me. :(

Since this visit, I've also had some buns from Komugi and was quite pleased. Prices are a just a tad steep, but the quality of the bread/loaves make up for it. Try the two specialty cakes above but maybe avoid the macarons here.

*All photos taken with iPhone5

Komugi | Facebook
(opposite Speedy Video)
Lot LG 078, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall.
Tel: +6 03 2282 1994
Fax: +6 03 2282 1995
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm

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