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Monday, September 16, 2013

Food: Foodtique by Four Seasons @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

Not too long ago, we spotted a shoplot boarded up for renovation in Bangsar. The boards had the name Four Seasons Bayswater written all over it, so imagine our excitement! =D Renovation seemed to take awhile though, but finally when we went two Sundays ago, we saw it was open! But then the signboard outside said Foodtique, which totally threw us off guard for awhile...haha.

If not for spotting a teeny picture of a duck outside the place, we might have really just skipped past this place altogether! Foodtique actually serves food from Four Seasons amongst other things, and it's run by the same people that run the Four Seasons over in Empire Shopping Gallery, only that this outlet is pork-free. Now that they've finally opened closer to my home, we can get our dose of duck without traveling across town! *high fives*

The interior is more quirky than the family-esque branch in Empire and dimmer as well. It does look a bit cluttered and cramped, but they don't have much space to work with. We love the giant clock on the wall! I need one of those at work so I can count the seconds till it's time to go home. =D

So what is so special about Foodtique? Roast Goose! While goose is more commonly found in Hong Kong and China, it's rare in KL simply because it's so hard to import it. Apparently we do rear goose locally, but the quality isn't the same according to the owner here. At Foodtique, geese are flown over from China for our consumption. So since we're eating imported goods, don't expect it to come cheap! We think it's worth a try though, because it's done quite well here. The skin is crispy and rich, meat is tenderly dripping with juice and the sauce is just right for the meat. Of course, prices are more steep than other poultry where it ranges from RM 65.50 for an upper part to RM 250.50 for a whole goose. 

If goose is not your thing (or you're facing slight monetary constraints), go for duck! While we admit to forever being fans of Village Roast Duck, there is something to be said for the Four Seasons Roasted Duck at Foodtique purely because of their dipping sauce. While we think the duck from Village Roast Duck is better, I'll admit the duck sauce at Foodtique is more authentic and better suited for roast duck. Prices vary from RM 19.50 for an upper part to RM 72.50 for a whole duck.

And here's a tip: when having roast meat, try not to always have rice. Instead, try ordering some Plain Noodles (RM 5.50)! The duck may not be a clear winner, but in terms of noodles, Foodtique does much better than VRD. We love the springiness of the noodles here, slurping it down not even realizing we're finishing one portion of noodles. The black sauce also takes the cake, for not being too salty or flat, but just flavourful enough to complement the meat. =D

Ah yes, what meal of roast meat and wan tan noodles would be complete without some wan tan soup? At Foodtique the wan tans are stuffed with a mixture of meat and prawn. Though we would prefer fully prawn wan tans, we enjoy the soup. Unlike most places that just serve plain soup, at Foodtique it's a murkier broth complete with Chinese wolfberries. Worth giving a go.. =D

For the best of both worlds, you can always opt to have a Four Seasons Prawn Wan Tan Soup, with the same delicious springy noodles in the same broth for RM 11.50.

Looking for individual portions instead of sharing? How about Four Seasons Goose Liver & Smoked Duck Fried Rice (RM 19.50)? This dish was the last to arrive when we visited, which was surprising since fried rice is usually fastest. The excuse was the kitchen-hands were still new at frying rice, which we could believe since it was only their 3rd day of operations. We thought the rice was just okay. The smoked duck, foie gras and smattering of tobiko was quite an interesting combination with the simple fried rice... Well, not a complete blast to our senses, but good enough for a meal. 

Plenty of vegetable choices on the menu too. My latest craze is the Two Style Kailan (RM 19.50), so we have that every time if I see it on the menu =D While I'll always be partial to the one at Chef Low, this version here isn't too bad, but just a little on the oily side. 

Hot & Sour Soup (RM 11.50), Szechuan style is available for starters, but this was probably the only thing we weren't so impressed with that night. Mum felt it wasn't spicy enough, and just lacked a general 'kick' overall.

Foodtique sources some mightily special cakes that we thought were scrumptious. These were on the house so I don't know the actual names or prices, but we would definitely order them again. The first was this Jackfruit Cake with a biscuit base. This had a light consistency with a lovely nangka fragrance and was loaded with little nangka bits in the body, giving it a very nice texture.

The Strawberry Tart was sweeter than the Jackfruit one above, but just right in our opinion. The custard was pleasantly creamy, while the berries lent a necessary tart sweetness to it all. We couldn't really decide which cake we liked better!

Overall, we're quite sure Foodtique is going to be around for awhile. In fact, Foodtique also features a Western menu complete with burgers and other western delights, so perhaps next time we'll be back again to sample those! There's also a plan to close the kitchen and serve coffee with light snacks at night. Even then, the lure of roast goose and the Four Seasons fame should be more than enough to keep Foodtique running on its own. :)

Foodtique by Four Seasons
Telawi Square,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily, till 11pm


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