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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Food: Yeast Bistronomy @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

After a bit of a disappointing experience at Milk and Butter, I decided that our next stop for brunch would be at Yeast Bistronomy, a small French boulangerie-cum-bistro located nearby. We've heard good things about the food at Yeast, but didn't expect it a full house crowd on a hazy Sunday afternoon.

While we waited for a few minutes to be seated, I was immediately attracted to the display of pastries on hand at the front of the shop. None of the overly glossy, patterned stuff you see at bakeries these days, but large, rustic, hearty looking pastries and croissants. Now, I've never been to France, but now, this is what I imagine bakeries over there to look like! Anyone wanna set my expectations back on the right track? Haha.

The place isn't big, with a large portion of it devoted to an open kitchen where customers can choose to sit on bar-level chairs and observe the chefs in action. Tables are also placed very close to each other, much like the setting at Antipodean.

We pored over their menu for awhile (all in French names, though dutifully translated, of course) and probably mispronounced all our orders to the waiter. I think I'll just stick to pointing next time :p

We naturally gravitated towards the croissants, obviously. The Croissant aux Thon et Mayonnaise (RM 10), a croissant jam packed with a generous serving of tuna mayonnaise did not disappoint at all.

In fact, it was so yummy that Adam decided to take one away for his lunch at work the next day! The croissant was excellent; pillowy, buttery layers and a nice flaky top, while the tuna was very nicely made. No hints of unpleasant canned fishy-ness, and just the right amount of mayo, keeping it from overpowering the tuna. There's also a Egg Mayo Croissant available, which I imagine, should be pretty good as well.

The simple Toasted Brioche Bread (RM 6) was also good, in our opinion. The thick slabs of bread were fluffy and aromatic with the rich scent of butter. To make things more sinful, it's served with more premium French butter. *gulp* It went along very nicely with the Bonne Maman berry & apricot preserves too, leaving me indecisive on whether to enjoy the bread on its own with a tinge of butter, or to have it with the fruit preserve. Choices, choices.

Unfortunately I don't think we've been having much luck lately with all-round satisfaction with eateries. For every two dishes, we always hit a bum note with the last dish, and that day, it was the Oeufs Poches Benedictine (RM 18), Yeast's rendition of the fan-favourite Eggs Benedict

Disappointingly, the poached eggs were served very firm with the yolk barely runny. We also weren't fans of the béarnaise sauce used, which is essentially a herbed-up version of hollandaise sauce. There was a pungent addition in the sauce here (that tasted much like capers to me, but I can't be sure) that we didn't fancy. Not something we would order again.

The hot chocolate - Valhrona Chocolate Chaud (RM 10) - quickly became my favourite hot chocolate in town after the first sip. Love at first sip? Certainly. The hot chocolate was luxurious and smooth, with the decadent aroma of Valhrona chocolate. So, so satisfying!

Adam's Hazelnut Latte (RM 11) was also not too bad, the sweetness being just right.

Not resisting temptation, I also took away two pastries. Nobody at them, so I ended up bringing both to work the next day.

The Brioche Chocolat (RM 5.50), a brioche bun with white chocolate chips didn't hold up too well because the dough was starting to get pretty dry by lunch time the next day. They were very generous with the white choc chips though.

I recommend the pastries as a better choice to take away as opposed to the buns. This Pain Chocolat Armandes (RM 7) - chocolate almond pastry - still tasted very good the next day, especially heated up for a quick while in the microwave so that the chocolate gets all hot and runny. :D 

Freshly baked loaves are also available for sale. Everything looked so good, I honestly would have brought it all home if I could! Could never resist the smell of baking bread.

The bar, which seems to be open all day long. Croissants & champagne anyone?

Yeast Bistronomy is most definitely worth a visit, especially for the pastries and bread. We wouldn't have the Eggs Benedict again, but that's not going to stop us from sampling more of what they have to offer. I have my eye on their French toast ;)

Yeast Bistronomy | Site
No. 24G, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2282 0118
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 8am till late

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