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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Food: KGB Bangsar - Killer Gourmet Burgers! @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

We must confess; as far as the latest burger craze has gone, we've been relatively slow in trying out all the latest joints having only made it to myBurgerLab & The Grind. But this time we bring you the latest news hot off the grill press. There's one more new burger place in town, and this one is in a location we feel is largely underrated of late - Bangsar

KGB (short for Killer Gourmet Burgers) occupies half a shoplot along Telawi 2, right next to Milk & Butter, diagonally opposite PappaRich. Since it's just half a shoplot, don't expect lots of space. We predict there won't even be much standing room left once this place opens! =D

As we were invited for a special sneak preview of the food before the official launch, there were no customers around. KGB will be starting business tomorrow night (yes, 7th June!) with 6 different choices of burgers on their menu at the moment, with mostly beef patties although chicken is available too. That's all for now, as KGB is a pork-free eatery.

The kitchen hard at work

Recognizing that the local burger scene is fast becoming over-saturated, Joey and Steven know they have to deliver everything perfectly to match the competition! Instead of joining the coloured-bun mania, KGB has decided to do something yet to be seen in the market - stamping their name on every burger! We think it looks great and it's one of those wow-that's-so-simple-why-didn't-I-think-of-it ideas. But novelty aside, how was the taste? We were about to find out!

We started with the simplest and cheapest burger on the menu - The Shack (RM 13.90), comprising one smashed patty, a slice of sharp cheddar, and special "shack sauce"! 

Truth be told, it looks just like any ordinary cheeseburger. But from the first bite it's clear other widely available cheeseburgers have nothing on this Shack! The Shack is actually the only burger on the menu to feature a 'smashed patty', which makes the patty crustier on the outside.

Our verdict? 2 thumbs up! The burger itself was extremely juicy. Though the patty looks thin, it's still very filling as it's made of 100% meat. The special shack sauce is the secret weapon in this burger, that enhances the flavours while drawing you back in for another bite. =D

More work however, goes into ensuring perfection of a grilled patty but KGB opts to use this for all it's other burgers below because they feel it gives the juiciest outcome. We have to say we agree.

If The Shack looks too simple for you, we would highly recommend you go for the Bash (RM 18.90)! An ultimate combo of grilled patty, beef bacon, relish, provolone cheese, caramelized onions, and cornflakes. What a mouthful! (in more ways than one =D)

If you can't imagine it, let me try and help. It's a much sweeter burger compared to The Shack above, mostly because of the sweet onions. The cornflakes are an interesting addition, and we were curious to taste its effect. I thought it didn't make much difference except to add a crunchy texture, but Wendy really liked the added dimension it provided. Joey mentioned that they did try several ingredients for that crunch, but it turns out cornflakes worked the best.

Overall, this Bash was our favourite burger of the night, simply because of all the goodies it packed, and the complete sense of flavours this burger has! All burgers at KGB are messy, and this one particularly so since it's so big! You have been warned. =P

So while The Shack is the traditional burger, and Bash is the complex one, then the Bobcat (RM 15.90) is the spicy one! Packing a combination of grilled patty, green chilli slaw, provolone cheese, and jalapeno mayo, this little green giant will knock your socks off. =D

Notice the lightly-coloured melted cheese around the patty? That's thanks to provolone cheese, a type of cheese less common amongst burger joints. Available in only the Bobcat and the Bash, we think this creamy member of the cheese family works better with the whole spicy flavour profile than the usual cheddar cheese. 

For the rest of the burger, expect nothing less than a spicy mess! There are actually 3 different chillies that go into the green chilli slaw (jalapeno being one of 'em!), but KGB still manages to keep it quite mild; I didn't find it that spicy at all. It was just nice to give a bit of 'kick', but don't expect to be sweating buckets over this.

Next was the burger we thought had to be a mistake - the Bella Bomb (RM 21.90)!

The name itself should have been enough warning, but we didn't notice it. Touted as a burger with a grilled patty, a cheese bomb with two portobellos as the shell, and shack sauce; this was a real shocker when it was served. We couldn't even begin to imagine how we would eat it. After some pictures, the portobello cheese bomb was cut into halves for us, to reveal the oh-so-sinful cheese within!

I kid you not. With 3 types of cheese in there (mozzarella for the 'pull', parmesan for the flavour & cheddar for the swirl of colour), it's definitely a lot of calories! If you're a cheese lover you'll love this; even more so if you like mushrooms as well.

The big mushroom can be eaten on its own, or with the burger. We'd suggest taking equal bites of the mushroom and burger, as the cheesy mixture, fleshy mushroom and grilled beef complement each other well. Just having the mushroom & cheese on it's own got a bit much for us.

My joke for the night was eating the Bella Bomb needs 2 hands - 1 hand to hold the mushroom, the other to hold the rest of the patty and bread! Later, Joey was quite abashed when she told us they had actually saved the biggest mushroom for us, not realizing exactly how big it would turn out! She says normally the whole thing can be squashed and eaten like a normal burger after dividing the mushroom, so we'll have to try that out on our next trip. =D

By this point our tummies were starting to give us warning signals, but there were still 2 more to go! Next up was the Kick'N (RM 15.90) - a combo of parm-crusted chicken, sharp cheddar, and wasabi mayo. This is the only burger on the menu so far that is made with chicken. The burger looks simple like The Shack, but the presence of wasabi mayo makes this a burger with 'kick', more like the Bobcat!

The wasabi mayo definitely sets this apart from the rest of the pack. While not extremely hot and spicy, it does manage to go up the nostrils if eaten in a large enough bite! Wendy loved it. The patty made of chicken breast was a bit too stringy for our liking, but KGB assured us they knew the root cause and would work on fixing it. We also felt the patty could have been a bit bigger to be more satisfying. But overall, a good choice for anyone feeling a bit adventurous for the day!

Finally there was just one more left - The Tornado (RM 15.90), a combination of grilled patty, onion rings, fried egg, and fiery mayo. We were sooo stuffed, but we tried our best to be unbiased. =D

I didn't realize the egg was sunny side up (possibly because I was going crazy from all the burgers), and with one tiny pinch of the yolk it all came running out! All the burgers at KGB are quite juicy and messy, but this one takes the cake! It's fine though, because the egg goes so well with the burger. Next to The Shack, this is the most common or traditional burger you're likely to find at KGB. It's hard to go wrong with good onion rings giving a crunchy texture and sweet flavour, while the egg adds juiciness and a balance of flavour with the patty. Just marvelous. =D

And finally we were done with the burgers! We also got to try a few of the fries options at KGB. There are a total of 5 normal toppings with fries, and 3 specialty fries. We tried one of the normal toppings, called Herbed Fries. Quite similar to other herb fries seen at places like myBurgerLab, but we thought this was a bit saltier than most. The special dipping sauce made a world of difference, and while it isn't the same as the ones at mBL, this one has its own charm. We'd recommend this for snacking!

We did try the 3 specialty fries, starting with the Kimchi with Bulgogi Beef. I was naturally hesitant to try this, since I'm not a big fan of kimchi, and I couldn't see how bulgogi could go with french fries! It turned out quite good, because the usually pungent kimchi was toned down, while the bulgogi beef acted as a kind of meat sauce over the fries. There's even sour cream just to neutralize the kimchi even more! A creative, flavourful creation that's definitely worth trying.

Another one of the specialty fries. What's that you say? Can't see anything special about it? That's because these are Truffle'd Fries. I wondered how strong the truffle taste could be, but surprisingly there was more than a hint of it, enough to taste it easily without having to really focus. There's no other topping on these fries, which we agree with, because adding anything on would just nullify the taste of truffle.

Last but not least, the third and final specialty fries on the menu - the Poutine! Of all the burgers and fries we tried that night, we felt this lacked the most. While the beef sauce was very aromatic as a result of many hours of slow-cooking, the lack of something more left us feeling wishing for something more. We suggested for some mince or meat chunks to be added in, so if you order this and you see lots of meat on top of the fries, perhaps they took our suggestion to heart!

The Bella Bomb again... just, wow.
So all in all, we think KGB has something good going on here! The patty, while not unique in the current market, is complemented with unique creations that are safe yet still different enough to create a following. I'd be hardly surprised if queues start forming when they open!

Heh, I certainly had a great time pigging out to these KGB burgers (as seen above! =P). We think they've got a good mix of burgers and have given the various combinations a lot of thought. If you must pick one, we'd recommend the Bash

KGB opens tomorrow night (7th June, Friday) so make it your destination this weekend to try out the newest gourmet burgers in town. We certainly wish them all the best and will be back. =)

*The full set of photos can be found on our Facebook album here.

KGB Bangsar | Facebook
Opening tonight! (Friday, 7th June 2013)
(next to Milk & Butter)
No. 23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 017 989 8870 (Joey) or +6 012 370 1233 (Steven)
Opening Hours: For now, it's Wed-Mon; 5pm-10:30pm (closed on Tues) but for the latest opening times, do check their Facebook page from time to time! :)


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