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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Food: Fa Ying by Rama V @ Paradigm Mall

Rama V has a place that has been on my to-visit list for awhile now, especially after reading about their a la carte buffet spread available on Sundays. However, something or another has always come up on Sundays and so my urge to visit Rama V gets neglected time and time again.

Hence, when I heard about Fa-Ying by Rama V opening up in Paradigm Mall, I was pretty excited! Fa-Ying wasn't opened yet when the rest of the mall opened, which left me waiting impatiently.

Fa-Ying's located on the Ground Floor of Paradigm Mall, close by to TGIF's al fresco dining area. It's not a bit space, but it's been done up very nicely with warm, cozy lighting and a chic outdoors area by the bar.

I guess I would call Fa-Ying the contemporary, fusion child of Rama V. Fa-Ying's menu isn't all that large, but it has some traditional Thai dishes like tom yam and green curry; while the rest of its menu is devoted new interpretations of Thai favourites.

We were particularly ravenous that day, so we quickly ordered the Thai Beef Sate (RM 18) as a starter while we pored over the rest of the menu. 

This got us started off in a good way - I loved the big chunks of well-marinated beef bursting with flavour. Most pieces were succulent and enjoyable but we had some dull, tough pieces, which would be my only gripe about this dish. The accompanying dip was also very special and went excellent with the beef, creamy with hints of peanut. We couldn't quite place our finger on its ingredients exactly, but who cares when it was so good?

Adam is not a fan of pomelos, no matter how sweet they are, something I realized (hey, you do learn something new about each other every day! :p) when I cajoled to order the Pomelo Salad with Prawns (RM16) and found myself eating close to all of it when it arrived! *burp* The pomelo chunks were excellent; juicy and naturally sweet just like those you can only get from Tambun. Douse all that pomelo with a spicy-tangy dressing and toss in some fresh, plump prawns and fresh herbs and you get a really acidic, appetizing dish. I really did like this salad, but I would say it's strictly for sharing - the portions are large and you can't really eat too much of it because it can get quite overpowering.

I love Pad Thai noodles, so I wondered if the Thai Stir-Fried Spaghetti with Chicken & Seafood (RM 22) would resemble it in any way. It had some savoury-sweetness reminiscent of a Pad Thai, but not much of any other flavour; a bit one-dimensional in my opinion. The saving grace was that they were pretty generous with the chicken and seafood in our serving.

We were a bit curious about what nam tok was, and asked our waiter before we ordered it, but he couldn't really explain it so we decided to take a gamble with the Thai Beef Sandwich in Nam Tok Style (RM 22).

It turned out to be one heck of a fiery sandwich! The sliced beef was lovely, very tender which made the sandwich very easy to eat. Put that together with the fragrant fresh herbs and vegetables it was sandwiched with - with what I think was a combination of (lots of) chilli, coriander, Thai basil, onions, lime juice and maybe a dousing of fish sauce - and it turned out to be tongue-numbing.

I thought the fresh combination complemented the grilled beef extremely well but Adam found it so spicy that he barely ate two bites (poor thing, actually I think he came away from this dinner quite hungry, first the pomelo and now this... lol). The bread and the tangy side of julienned vegetables with peanut were also very good. A substantial sandwich for beef & spice lovers!

(After I got home, I googled nam tok, and find out that it means 'waterfall' in Thai - as in, so spicy you'll be crying like a waterfall? That would surely explain it :D)

We decided to be adventurous for our dessert and ordered Fa-Ying's version of our usual favourite Mango Sticky Rice - only theirs comes deep-fried as a fritter. We didn't quite fancy this despite some glowing reviews from others and I particularly found it very overpriced because we barely got any mango in the fritter. We were left having the ice cream with glutinous rice, which though it made for pleasant nibbling, did not justify the RM 16 price tag. I'm quite sure you get a lot more mango ordering the normal version.

The Thai Tea with Milk (RM 9) was surprisingly not sweet, unlike the usual toe-curlingly sweet Thai Tea you would get in Thailand, and had an unexpected roasted flavour that I found took some getting used to. The Peachlifters (RM 13) was a lot sweeter and a lot more refreshing. 

It was a night of some hits and some misses for us at Fa-Ying, but I do appreciate the experimental menu and the thought they give to fusion. However, we feel that the prices for the appetizer, drinks & dessert are a tad steep with the mains being more reasonable. We passed by a few days ago and saw some set lunch menus that look quite value for money too. I'd return to sample some of their other stuff... on a night when I'm craving some spicy! There's also a Green Curry Chocolate Cake that I don't think I can ever convince Adam to order... who wants to come with me? :P

Fa-Ying, by Rama V | Facebook
(outside area, close to TGIF's outdoors dining area & Bulgogi Brothers)
Lot GB-08, Paradigm Mall,
47301 Petaling Jaya,Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-7451 2933
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu, 11am-12midnight; Fri & Sat, 11am-1am

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