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Friday, February 8, 2013

Travel: Bandung Day #1 - Rumah Mode @ Jl. Setiabudhi & other Factory Outlets @ Jl. Dago; Bandung Street Food!


Many told us that Bandung was akin to a factory outlet mecca, but I don't think we really knew what we were in for. Our trip was mostly filled with factory outlet, after factory outlet, after factory outlet! After stopping by one of the newer factory outlets in town and our sumptuous nasi padang lunch, we trooped ahead on our factory outlet trail. The first stop? Rumah Mode.

A mandatory group picture with the Rumah Mode sign.

Rumah Mode (pronounced moh-day) is regarded by many as the best factory outlet for shopping in Bandung. That's probably true, in terms of the variety and fashion, probably one of the best in Bandung but likely far from those elsewhere.

Some brands spotted: H&M, Zara, Cotton On, Polo and a brand named Minimal which had some very nice things, but very expensive. Like at Bali Heaven Factory Outlet, we were a little wary of the authenticity and ended up buying very little. The kids selection was very wide though!

Found my favourite childhood friend outside Rumah Mode!

I have to say though, Rumah Mode had a very pretty exterior to it. There was a lovely courtyard where families rested, with lots of trees providing some much-needed shade. Lots of statues and water features (including a koi pond!) dot the common areas outside.

Rumah Mode
Jl. Setiabudi, No. 41F
Bandung, Indonesia
Tel: +62 22 2035498

Next door to Rumah Mode, there's also Mode Plus, which we presumed sold higher end clothing.

It was here that we spotted some pushcart vendors (this is how all their street food is sold), and zeroed in on one particular one...

Durian ice cream!

It's simple enough: Some scoops of ice cream, some durian flesh and a quick drizzle of chocolate sauce and there you have it, a remedy for a hot afternoon out.

The whole durian seed!

Ice Cream Durian
Along Jl. Setiabudhi (in front of Mode Plus)

There was also Fashion World next to Mode Plus, but we didn't get to go in because we spent a bit too long wandering around Rumah Mode and having durian ice cream.

Some interesting sights along the streets of Bandung
From Jl. Setiabudhi, we moved towards the Dago area for shopping, where more factory outlets on either side of the road can be found.

Central Branded Outlet was our first stop at the Dago area, but this was rather empty with more basicwear than anything else; we moved on pretty quickly.

Grande was a lot more crowded, with a selection of jeans and skirts, and even some bags were to be found. Koi ponds seem to be a staple in Bandung factory outlets and Grande's only exception was that their koi fishes were freakishly huge!

Grande Fashion Gallery
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda.
Bandung, Indonesia

Across the road was Jetset, easily standing out with its loud orange sign. Selection here was a little more interesting to browse through than the other factory outlets; there was even swimwear, towels, accessories and gymwear. Spotted some cute contact lense cases too.

Jetset Factory Outlet
Jl. Dago, No 116,
Bandung, Indonesia
Contact Info
Tel: +62 2501993
Email: [email protected]

All that walking and browsing through clothes rack was taking its toll on us and Adam and I decided to stop to try out some more street food. We stopped by at this pushcart outside of Central Branded Outlets and decided to order some batagor to share which seems to be a favourite street snack of Indonesians.

Batagor is actually derived from 'bakso tahu goreng' which means a combination of fried bakso (popular Indonesian meatballs) and tofu. This vendor deep fries his items upon order, which was nice because it ensured we got a dish of hot and crispy snacks!

Though named after the bakso meatballs (usually  made from beef), the batagor variation seems to usually be made from fish, wrapped in dumpling skin which they call siomay. The siomay is wrapped in light, crispy dumpling skin and I think mackerel was as the filling. There was also some deep fried tofu cubes. 

The sauce was a tasty peanut sauce with a bit of chili, topped off with a liberal dousing of sweet soy sauce. Rather tasty, this Indonesian version of our Malaysian rojak! :D

Robi Batagor Kuah Kering
Along Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda
Bandung, Indonesia
*Pushcart vendors may not be permanent, so just stop by any batagor stall to try!

Top that off with some Teh Botol (I swear, it's all we ever drank there) we bought from Central Branded Outlets and it was a perfect tea-time snack.

Peddlers are found outside most factory outlets trying their luck on tourists and they can get a little pushy. Do remember to bargain though, and you could probably snag some cheap souvenirs for people back home like we did.

That's all for this post, till our next Bandung adventure post!

Next post on Bandung: Foot massage at Mariaty's and dinner at Paskal Square!

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