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Friday, March 9, 2012

Travel: Hainan Food Street 海南美食街 @ Jalan Hang Lekir, Melaka

I reckon everyone has a Melaka routine.

For us non-Melakans in KL or PJ, I think a common routine is to leave home at 9am, take a quick drive, endure the famous Melaka jam entering town, check in if it's more than just a day trip, and then head straight to Jonker88 or an equivalent for some cendol. You'll then snack a lot till early evening which is when you'll start queuing up at your favourite satay celup stall.

That essentially was what we did, queuing up at the famous Capitol Satay Celup, but the long queue from as early as 5pm got the better of us and we jumped ship to another satay celup along the same row - Kedai Sate Celup A Famosa. Unfortunately, it was abysmal. :(

So thanks to that, as we were walking out in search for some drinks that night, we somehow gravitated toward this brightly lit, well-patroned street of hawkers - Jalan Hang Lekir, or as it's recently been known - Hainan Food Street!

Pictures courtesy of, and copyrighted to Hainan Food Street's website.
By day, it is rather quiet with street vendors laying out mats containing quirky antiques, but every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, this street transforms into a hearty food haven selling all sorts of amazing hawker fare.

You can actually see the gerai-gerai (stalls) behind these vendors in the day!

We were clueless about the whole Hainan Food Street project, you can imagine our surprise when we went back there the next morning to see it totally gone!

It had started to rain quite maniacally when we stumbled upon Hainan Food Street the night earlier, but the minds behind Hainan Food Street seem to have it all covered because there's an adjacent coffee shop lot where you can even order from a menu comprising of all the different street vendors! (Imagine if places like Selera Malam SS2 had a menu of all their stalls :p) No more bearing the rain under those huge canopy-style umbrellas or mosquitoes if outdoor mamak-style dining ain't your thing.

It all started with this plate of Teow Chew Fried Kuih Tiao (RM 4.80 for small - pictured above, RM 7.80 for large). This was all we intended on ordering, but as we flipped the pages of the menu, the orders kept on coming. :p

The plate of fried kuih tiao (flat glass noodles) was surprisingly good and had a lot of wok hei to it. I don't know what Teow Chew-style fried kuih tiao is supposed to taste like, but this was low on chilli and on the sweet side, like dark soy sauce had been used. A sweet-ish twist to our usual savoury hawker favourite!

We also decided to order a bowl of their Nyonya Laksa (RM 4.80) to share and let us tell you that this was in every way superior to the more popular one we had at Jonker88 in the morning - we unanimously agreed on this one! The curry broth was just the right thickness and flavourfully rich with coconut milk and kunyit (tumeric). Needless to say, we cleaned the whole bowl out in a jiffy.

I had a sudden craving for mee siam and that's exactly what I ordered - the Nyonya Mee Siam (RM 4.80). I find that the dry version of mee siam is more common in KL, so I was rather surprised to see that it came in a plate of kuah (gravy), but it was also delicious. The tangy, sweet & spicy gravy was excellent, and the generous sprinkling of fried, fragrant shallots cemented this dish as my favourite of the night. :D (Although the Nyonya Laksa comes in a close, close second!)

Somehow for every few hits, there must be one miss and the night's miss was the Golden Fish Fillet (RM 6.50). I suppose we were asking for it when we ordered something like this, but we wanted some finger food. Overpriced and ordinary.

We ended our nights with a plate of their Chicken Wings for RM 2.80 per piece. Crispy, slightly charred on the outside but tender on the inside, the chicken wing marinade had strong hints of five spice but ended up being too salty for me. Tasty, but only for those with high tolerance for saltier things :p

This was an accidental supper, but one that we were glad we ended up having or else we would never have known! Do give it a try, if you're along Jonker Street at night!

Hainan Food Street 海南美食街 | Site
No. 94, Jalan Hang Lekir,
75200 Melaka
Tel: +606 281 6944
Opening Hours: Sat, 6pm-12:30am; Fri & Sun, 6pm-12am

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