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Monday, December 12, 2011

Food: Senjyu @ Bangsar Village II

Senjyu is the latest Japanese restaurant in Bangsar Village. I think the first was opened in [email protected], but neither of us have been there yet. Since we were in Bangsar Village for our 3rd 28 November together, we thought it would be good to give this place a try. =)

From outside it looks like a big place, but it becomes clear immediately that isn't really the case once we step inside. I'll say the whole place had about 20-odd tables? On a busy day this place can fill up fast, so be prepared for queues.

Space is at a premium so seating can get a bit cramped if the place fills up. I wish you good luck if there's a screaming kid at the table next door! =P  We liked the decor of the place though - the bottles of sake and seclusion from the rest of the mall helped give the place a better ambiance. 

For food, what else would we begin with if not Salmon Sashimi? Priced at RM 12, at first I thought the price was reasonable, but that was until it arrived and I counted only 3 slices on the plate! Yes, each slice was nice and plump with a good ratio of fat visible, but I was by no means satisfied, and we didn't feel the portion justified the price charged.

Since we were just having lunch, we didn't want to overdo the ordering and spoil our appetites for dinner (we're very prone at doing things like that you see =p). Wendy had a lot of control and opted for the Beef Yakiniku-Jyu (RM 20). A common item found in nearly all Japanese restaurants, consisting of sliced beef with onions  in yakiniku sauce over rice. Senjyu's version is slightly more special because they also put in some mushrooms!

Overall the rice box looked paler than others that we've tried, and that was a sign of it being less salty than most. Some will say it doesn't taste as nice, but to us it was a healthy but still tasty version of the class beef yakiniku. The mushrooms definitely did help too.

Yes, everything in the above picture was mine! I took the Sashimi Moriawase to Chicken Teriyaki Zen set (RM 38) which came with everything you see above. =P

On top of the miso soup were 2 little Japanese meatballs as the appetizer. Those carried an interesting flavour and is something I would recommend people to try, although I wouldn't want to order a bowl of just that to eat. 

On top there is more Salmon Sashimi (another 3 pieces!). Sliced the same way as the normal portion of sashimi, this is the best advice I can give about Senjyu - if you want sashimi, just order it from their sets, because it's a LOT more worth it! With these 3 slices and the 3 from the ala carte order, we both had our fair share of sashimi for the meal. =D

Sadly, while the supporting cast performed their tasks well, the main star stumbled spectacularly! As much as I wanted to like the Chicken Teriyaki, the poor thing had been over-grilled leaving a strong and lingering burnt taste. It was so bad I seriously considered sending it back to the kitchen, but I thought with every slice it would get better (which it didn't) and that I could just peel off the skin to avoid the burnt part. That didn't completely take away the burnt taste though, so I do wish I had sent it back for a new set.

Lastly the Chawan Mushi was also pretty bland, not something we recommend. Maybe we've been too spoilt by those at Eyuzu. =P

Last thing we ordered to share was this huge Spider Cheese Maki (RM 22). A roll with soft shell crab and cheese, we both had no complaints about this. It has quite an obvious cheese flavour, so for those cheese lovers like me this is definitely one to try out!

My set came with a scoop of ice-cream as well (I told you the set is worth it didn't I?), so we shared it. They were generous with the scoop size which made us happy, but we were oh-so-disappointed when we realized this tasted just as mild and "healthy" as most of the food we had! Honestly, I left Senjyu craving for some "real" ice-cream and very nearly crossed to Baskin Robbins for sweeter stuff..heh.

So basically our visit to Senjyu can be summed up in one word - "bland" if we want to be nasty, "healthy" if we want to be a bit more complimenting. Whatever the case, don't expect food at Senjyu to have an explosion of flavour. I'm sure there are people out there who calls this more authentic, but I think we'll stick to Sushi Tei for now... =D

2F-27 & 28, 2nd Floor
Bangsar Village II
No. 2, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 1535

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