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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food: El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

To round up our 3rd 28 November together, it was tough to think of a fitting place to go. We were actually craving beef because we had been having a lot of pork the past few days. 

A quick Google search didn't really help with appropriate places for beef, since the top in KL seem to comprise of Prime (way out of budget!) and Suzy's Corner (not right for the occasion!). S'mores' all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet was also fully booked, so feeling frustrated, we just decided to drive to Changkat Bukit Bintang and see what we could find. =D

And somehow in the middle of walking the street of Changkat, the quest for beef was forgotten as we made our way into El

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think El Cerdo can certainly take the title of Pork Pioneer in KL! Long before many of today's restaurants that specialize in pork opened, there was El Cerdo. I don't think they mind the extra competition though, because business is still as good as ever!

Probably one of the most ingenious dining gimmicks is still a tradition at El Cerdo - the use-blunt-plate-to-chop-tender-suckling-pig-and-then-break-plate-in-big-wooden-bucket! It's definitely one of those things that is perfect for impressing that friend from out of town who has never seen this before, and I think it's worth a try at least once. We had already tried it before though, so it wasn't on our menu that night. =)

Complimentary bread served before the main meal arrives. A very welcome sight for Wendy since she was starving by the time we decided on where to eat.. =D The bread wasn't warm, but the mince pork dip served with it was very nice and went well with the bread. 

We realized all too late that El Cerdo takes its pork very seriously, because there was no chicken or beef in the menu! That didn't stop me from having my favourite sausages though - a platter of 4 mini yet meaty beauties consisting of Farmer, Thuringer, German Pepper & Spicy Lyonner sausages, accompanied with a bed of sauerkraut (RM 24.50). The sausages were each distinct in their own tastes, but each had strong pork flavours. The sauerkraut was excellent; I usually don't fancy sauerkraut, but I ate quite a lot of it too. All I can say is I wish there was some mash potato as well...hehe.

The choice of sausages might have been a toss up, but the pork ribs was a definite choice! Our decision was between the Oven Roasted BBQ Glazed Ribs and the Smoky Whiskey Ribs, but we finally settled on the  Oven Roasted BBQ Glazed Ribs (RM 65) at our friendly waiter's recommendation.

Many new pork places have sprung up in 2011, but these ribs are the perfect example of why El Cerdo still keeps the customers coming back for more; with more than enough to feed 2, even we couldn't finish that plate of ribs. Each piece was tender and very well marinated, although we did feel really overpowered by the glaze towards the end. Thankfully, the stuffed tomatoes were an excellent addition to balance out the strong, flavoursome pork, and this still ranks as some of the best ribs we've had all year. Racks (another pork rib place few doors down) could definitely a lesson here in our honest opinions!

Besides El Cerdo's menu, you can also order items off El Cerdito's menu, which is the little brother of El Cerdo next door which does tapas. To add a bit of variety into the meal, we ordered the Champinones al Ajillo (RM 12) which is a classic Spanish tapa of mushrooms sauteed with garlic and olive oil. These were also very well prepared, the perfect juicy yet tasty side dish to munch with the main meal.. =D

Being a special occasion, I thought it would be nice to try a special drink, that's why we had the Romance d'étranger (RM 18), an interesting concoction of tea and white wine. It turned out to be a very satisfying thirst quenching drink, with just enough white wine to taste, yet not strong enough to do any real damage. A true winner and worthy of its price tag! =)

Before we knew it it was time for dessert, and despite our initial intentions to ward it off because we were so stuffed with ribs, we found it in ourselves to put in just a bit more to round off the night. =D (Wendy: It was the waiter's fault for charmingly recommending this!)

We had the Andreas Special “A Dream in Chocolate” (RM 22.50), which the waiter automatically offered to split into 2 glasses, seeing as I believe they are used to diners sharing desserts. Not something important for us, since we have no problems eating out of the same bowl, but yet another example of why El Cerdo has the experience to provide exemplary service every time. =)

This was also a new dessert for us and one we enjoyed thoroughly. The Andreas Special turned out to be layers of various textures and tastes beginning with cooked pear soaked in musky red wine at the bottom,  creamy vanilla ice cream, followed by bananas in a tart passion fruit sauce. All this was topped with a rich, dense milk chocolate mousse and crunchy chocolate crumble bits. Definitely a marriage of flavours to remember!

Oh and last but not least, the complimentary mouthwash to top off a wonderful dinner, an El Cerdo house special. We may not have satisfied our beef cravings, but we had definitely picked the right place for a perfect dinner for 2, never mind  that the place was packed and noisy with people. We certainly think El Cerdo has what it takes to stick around for a long while more, especially now that it holds some special memories for us. =)

I end with the obligatory camwhore photo. Happy 28 dear! =)))

El Cerdo | Site
No. 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2145 0511
Fax: +603 2145 1375
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Sun-Fri, lunch & dinner (closed between 3pm - 6:30pm); Sat, dinner only
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