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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Food: Mantra Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

My colleagues and I spend a lot of our time in Sunway Pyramid for weekday lunches, so much that I usually refuse to come back on weekends. Why go near work on weekends, right? However, good things are meant to be shared, and good food... meant to bring Adam to! :)

On one of the rare occasions where he was on leave and able to pick me up from work, we headed over to Sunway Pyramid for one of my favourite restaurants there, Mantra.

Good old Mantra has been around really for as long as I remember. Once in first year uni (when Adam wasn't even remotely in the picture yet :p), a few of us came here after our final exams for lunch. It was so desolately empty that I'm pretty sure one of us uttered the usual "omg, surely chap lap (Cantonese for cease operations) soon".

But, a couple of years (oh who am I kidding, first year was like wayyyy back in 2006, boo) later, Mantra still stands strong with no signs of closing down. And while they still don't fill up their restaurant any better than they did before, I'd say they have a pretty regular crowd of loyal customers. Like me!

Mantra is incredibly spacious, so much so that I always think to myself that it would be a pretty swell location for a private party.

They have tables for small groups, big groups, sofa seats, you name it. The tables are also quite far away from each other, making it usually very peaceful.

But, food and ambience aside, one of my favourite things about Mantra has got to be the amazing ceiling to floor windows that gives you this awesome view overlooking Sunway Lagoon. Never gets old, for some reason or other. :)

I don't have any preference with drinks when having Indian food, but Adam makes it his habit to try a glass of lassi when we're at Indian restaurants. Pictured above is a plain lassi (RM 10.90), a special request that was pleasantly obliged to (they had everything from mango to peach lassi, but no plain ones!). Unfortunately he wasn't very satisfied with this particular version of sweet lassi because it was too thick, which ended getting some water to dilute it.

But... on to the food already!

Starting off with my favourite (and I think Adam's favourite too), the Butter Chicken (RM 18.90). The boneless chicken and the spoonfuls of creamy and decadent tomato-based curry is perfect to drown some naan with. :p 

We also had a serving of Lamb Rogan Josh (RM 20.90), a simple spicy (well, definitely more spicy than the extremely mild Butter Chicken) and aromatic lamb curry cooked with cardamom and saffron. Again, with lots of sauce, I loved having this with some Briyani. The lamb pieces were a bit too tiny for my liking, but thankfully, tender.

For our carb intake, we had a serving of Plain Briyani (RM 8.90). I've always loved the long grains of briyani rice, and its no exception this time. Wonderfully fluffy and fragrant, this is the perfect partner to the two curries we had.

Another must-have is a basket of naan. Mantra does their naan thin, unlike some of the thick chewy naan that they serve at the mamaks out there. I prefer it this way, as it doesn't get too filling and it absorbs the curries better too! However, flavours are milder here - we went for garlic (RM 5) and cheese naan (RM 5.90) , and it wasn't as sinfully greasy as those at Murni's SS2. :p

I usually feel pretty awful about it if I have a meal without greens and so, here we are. The Bhindi Masala (RM 12.90), which is okra first cooked by deep frying, and later stir-fried with a spice-laden recipe. The highlight of this dish was certainly the fresh and juicy ladies fingers used, and the interesting flavours in the gravy.

By the time we finished eating and digesting the overdose of good food, the sun had gone down and we were treated to this fabulous view of the Lagoon being all lit up. :)

Pardon my reflection!
So, it's good food, albeit a little pricey but fabulous ambience. Quite a good place for a quiet, semi-romantic dinner, no? :)


Mantra Restaurant & Bar | Site
Lot G1.42, Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +6 03 7492 0488
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm

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