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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food: J Tean Kitchen @ SSTwo Mall

Bak Kut Teh (literally: meat rib tea) has been around for decades. It's a popular traditional thing for the Chinese to have because 1) there is different types of pork and 2) it is served in herbal soup. For most of the years before, Bak Kut Teh restaurants are usually always open-aired, ala coffee shop, but now J Tean Kitchen might just change all that.

With an interior that looks modern yet traditional at the same time, J Tean Kitchen is a place that's hard to miss when you're at SSTwo Mall.

I'll admit the round tables that look like old Chinese drums were what caught my attention initially. It always pays for restaurants to have something unique that attracts customers. =D

The tagline of J Tean Kitchen is 'The Fusion Bak Kut Teh', and that is exactly what you'll see lots of when looking at the menu. For first timer's, the best option to give everything a try would be J Tean's Bak-Kut-Teh, Combi 1 (RM 20.90) which consists of ribs, pork belly & pork stomach. For those of you who feel squeamish eating the entrails of animals, no worries - the pig stomach can be substituted for more of the ribs and belly pork (as seen in picture above. There's also some big ol' juicy mushrooms in there as well!).

Price-wise, I think J Tean Kitchen is actually quite comparable with other open-air bak kut teh stalls, which is not what you'd expect since this place is fancier and in a shopping mall. Portion-wise, I'm glad to report that J Tean really does make an effort to deliver quality. Twice I've been there now, and both times the bak kut teh combo has come out looking like that picture above. If you choose to substitute the pig stomach, then you will get 3 long ribs that are quite meaty and very tender. The pork belly also has a good ratio of meat-versus-fat (about 80-20%; the way I like it!), and is consistent with all other pieces. If you're a mushroom lover then this will be triple joy for you because the mushrooms are really big! And finally, the soup is mild without a strong herbal flavour. Whether you like it stronger or milder is a personal preference, but I prefer it mild. =)

But J Tean Kitchen doesn't just rely on plain old bak kut teh. One of their other signature dishes is called The J-Ribs (RM 34.90), and it is served in a very western way, complete with wedges and coleslaw as sides. 3 ribs is the standard amount, and they are usually quite meaty too.

Please excuse  the focus on the bone! The waiter came to cut the meat off the bone before we could snap a pic.. =(

Cooked in this style, the ribs are given a sweet-ish flavour, very much like char siew at chicken rice stalls. The meat is tender and falls off the bone easily. However, the meat was quite dry, and if you are eating this with rice (as I did on both occasions) then you might find it a bit difficult to eat together. We also have to be critical of the 2 sides, especially on the wedges because it came with some funky sauce that neither of us could decipher. Since we were only interested in the ribs, paying the price we did felt a bit too much, and we were left wishing the ribs could have been ordered as a dish on its own. That would be a much more attractive option for us.

Of course, a balanced meal can't be complete without the vegetables! At J Tean, vegetables are okay-priced: for RM7 a plate, this kind of price is comparable with many other restaurants out there, and is in fact cheaper than most. Nothing to complain about this - the sauce wasn't too salty and the lettuce was fresh and juicy. Definitely worth having again amidst all that pork.

I guess I should mention that J Tean Kitchen has a membership system that can be obtained for free, and there are always ongoing promotions right now. So although SSTwo Mall looks bereft of any major activities, there are some good eateries that can be found there! This is one of those places that you'll probably catch us eating at on a weekday after work. =)

J Tean Kitchen | Facebook
Lot G-58, Ground Floor,
SSTwo Mall,
No. 40, Jalan SS2/72,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7954 0819
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun; 10am - 10pm

Monday, June 27, 2011

Food: Marmalade @ Bangsar Village II

Bangsar is an area in KL that needs no introduction. It's been around many years since before I was even born. I can still remember the old Han-kyu Jaya (or something like that) that stood for years as I was growing up. Slowly over the years it became Bangsar Village, and then some years later again there was an extension aptly named Bangsar Village II.

There are many coffee houses and quaint restaurants in Bangsar Village. By now most people would have heard of T Forty Two, or the Chinese restaurant Reunion. Marmalade is one of these gems that serve up great quality food at very reasonable prices. You will soon see why! 

Shop exterior. Do excuse the blur signage :)

Marmalade was one of the first places Wendy and I went to when we started dating. (Of course lah must impress the PJ girl with the great things in KL maaah :P). I've always thought the place could use a touch of redecoration, and lo and behold when we went back again after nearly a year away we were pleasantly surprised to see the whole layout had changed!

All the chairs have changed, but the window-side seating still remains.

The wallpaper has changed too, and there are more private booths. There's even a new play area for small children, which is to the left of the picture above.

Like I said, a lot more booths for privacy and for larger groups. A very smart move I have to say, as the cushion in the picture can easily fit 3 people comfortably, even 4 if they are slim girls.

The place has a much more "polished" (thanks Pok) feel now, and it does resemble something like the old Swensen cafes that had booths and matching lampshades. Except at Marmalade, the theme colour is yellow instead of red. =)

Alert! Oreo Cheesecake at bottom right!

You could say Marmalade is also a perfect place for comfort food, because besides good food, they also have a range of awesome-but-totally-sinful cakes and cupcakes! I'll share more on that later. But first, the Food!

It had been a long day at work for Wendy and a long weekend for the both of us, so we were in the perfect mood for lots of comfort food! Neither of us had lunch so we were both starving. Our meal began with the Cheesy Nachos with Guacamole N' Sour Cream (RM 14) topped with melted cheese, complimented by 3 different dips: tomato salsa, cream, and guacamole.

This was all right, although it fell slightly below our expectations. The tomato salsa was nice and went well with the nachos, but the cheese spread over the nachos was paltry. The cream was also too overpowering; it just felt like the wrong kind of cream to be serving with these nachos. As for the guacamole..well I think it's an acquired taste and I have not acquired it, so I stayed clear of it. Wendy polished most of it off.. =P

Wendy took awhile to decide on her main dish, but she finally settled on the Fettucine Salmon (RM 24)  - a bit of a fusion dish as it came with asparagus and nori strips in wasabi cream sauce and a sprinkling of roe on top.

Yup you read that right - wasabi sauce! At first we were worried if it was going to be very spicy. We were imagining that familiar wasabi-going-up-your-nose feeling with every mouthful. Turns out we had nothing to worry about, because there was no such sensation at all! There was still (minimal) wasabi flavour in the sauce, but nowhere as strong as we thought. In the end we found the wasabi complimented the dish very well, since it helped to lighten the taste a bit and not let it become another one of those super-creamy pastas that leave you feeling stuffed after a few mouthfuls. It WAS still very rich though, and towards the end got a bit hard to finish.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my all-time favourite dish at Marmalade! Beef Lasagna at RM 22. I had this the first time I visited Marmalade, and it has been my staple every time I visit the place. (I'm the kind that doesn't like sue me. =P) All that white stuff you see flowing down the sides of the slice of lasagna? That's cream. Inside the lasagna? Layers of pasta and cheese and minced beef. It's basically cheese and meat galore! Oh and there are NO veggies inside besides mushrooms! I've tried some lasagna that has carrots inside for extra flavour (I think?). No, that doesn't work for me at all. I want meat and only meat, and this lasagna delivers perfectly. 

After all that wonderful good food, we were feeling quite satisfied, but we knew we just had to have some desserts! Wendy went to scout the cake display, and she came back reporting some Bread and Butter and Oreo Cheesecake! It all felt a bit much...but hey, we're not there very often, so cut us some slack. =P

It was our first time having the Bread and Butter so we didn't know what to expect. Soon enough a rather large slice of pudding came with a rather average size scoop of ice-cream, and a rather large amount of vanilla sauce. There was more than enough sauce to go with the cake, so no worries there. But we did find the cake a bit too hard and leathery; both agreeing that we preferred the bread & butter pudding found at buffet lines. Those are lighter and more moist than this.

And finally, the Oreo Cheesecake! This is our must-have at Marmalade, no matter how full we are. We quickly decided to abandon our bread and butter for this. Look at the chocolate sauce! The lush thickness of the cheese! The little-bit-of-biscuit-on-the-side-that-looks-like-it-was-put-there-as-an-afterthought! It's just an amazing work of art both for the eyes and belly alike, and it is meant to be shared by at least 2 people. If you are ever at Marmalade, save some space in your stomach for this little beauty, because you definitely won't regret it!

All in all, a very satisfying (and carb & fat-laden) meal, so beware - this is not something you can do every week. Marmalade also has a fair range of sandwiches, so maybe we'll be giving those a try next time for something lighter so we can happily enjoy our desserts.

Lot 1F-18, 1st Floor, Bangsar Village II,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282 8301

Friday, June 24, 2011

Food: Modesto's @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Whenever we're in Mutiara Damansara i.e. The Curve, [email protected], Ikano Power Centre (now just known as IPC which I think sounds awful wtf), there's no question on what to have for lunch/dinner because we always make a beeline for Ikea... all for the meatballs!

However, this time, we decided to go for something different and instead headed to Modesto's for some dinner before our movie started.

A huge sign at the entrance greeted us, saying that Public Bank credit cardholders would enjoy a 25% discount. Perfect, since Adam had one.

Some light garlic & butter dough crackers to start us off while we browsed the menu. This came with a small bowl of spicy salsa which Adam proclaimed tasted like sambal. It actually kinda did... strangely. :S

We browsed the menu, but however, it quickly became clear that the Public Bank discount wasn't for everything. Adam called over the waiter to enquire on the availability of the discount and he confirmed that yes, it didn't apply for the whole menu. Obviously, for the more expensive dishes, no discount was available.

Anyway, we continued to order, and not long after, the food arrived.

We ordered a pizza since pizzas seem to be the must-haves at Modesto's. Instead of the usual ham / pepperoni toppings, we decided to try the Felice instead, which was topped with a mixture of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, cream and salmon.

The picture above doesn't do it any wonders, but I really loved this! The dough was thin and chewy with just the right tinge of smokiness and the topping was purely sin - the creamy and cheesy mix atop the tomato base, tangled with the lingering saltiness of the salmon, was to die for. 

We also ordered the Stinco D'Agnello Al Forno, which apparently in layman, is lamb shank braised in red wine & fresh herbs which sounded really delicious to me. Unfortunately, this fell far from expectations and we were not impressed at all. The meat was tough and lacked flavour save for lots of sauce, and I struggled to remove it from the bone. The mashed potatoes had a good texture, but tasted suspiciously of Maggi chicken stock. Secret Recipe's lamb is far more superior than this!

To add salt to our wound, we were then informed that the discount was not available for our bill because it was not available on the eve of public holidays. I guess we missed the small print, but the waiter whom we asked earlier about the discount had every chance to tell us that it wasn't valid. The waitress who took our bill was not apologetic when we brought it up, and soon after, another staff went around sneakily collecting the Public Bank discount promotional signs off each table. Yes, it's partially our fault we didnt't read the small print, but something about the way it was handled really left a bad taste in our mouths (after the lamb shank!).

Probably not returning, thanks to the iffy communication from the service staff and subpar lamb shank.

Modesto's | Site
Lot G68, Ground Floor,
The Curve, Western Courtyard,
No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food: Serai @ Empire Shopping Gallery

On June 11, Wendy and I, along with two friends of ours, ChingZhen Han, joined the Empire Shopping Gallery Beginner's Motor Hunt! It was the first time for all of us except Ching in joining a motor hunt, so it was all very exciting. It was a great experience and I dare say we'll be back for more hunts in future!

The Thursday before the hunt a briefing was held (which Ching couldn't attend), and after briefing we were all so famished having eaten nothing after work. Which is why we promptly made a beeline for Serai.

The eatery, oft packed with diners.

Serai has been on mine and Wendy's go-eat list ever since we came the first time and tried Opera Bakery & Coffeehouse. Serai is just opposite Opera, and I daresay is one of the most famous eateries at Empire Shopping Gallery

Nice ambience, for both family and friends or even a date night out. 

Serving mainly local Malay cuisine with a touch of other cuisines, Serai seems to be targetting the crowd of diners who frequent Madam Kwan, and I dare say they are close to achieving that. Why do I think so? Take a look:

Nasi Ambang (RM 20), rice served with a multitude of flavours and textures - rendang tok, prawn sambal, ikan kering, fried mee & meehoon, tempe and mixed vegetables. Check-in to Serai on Foursquare and you'll see a lot of tips that recommend this dish, and it's not hard to see why. With seven (yes seven!) different things to eat on this plate, you'll be literally spoilt for choice. Zhen Han ordered this so I didn't get to taste much of it, but the mee and meehoon was good, and the rendang was excellent! For just RM20, we felt this all-in-one dish was definitely well-worth the money.

Wendy went for the Serai Platter (RM 25), a delicious platter of serai rice served with ayam goreng berempah, oxtail asam pedas, honey sotong & a side of acar. I would consider this the direct rival of the Nasi Bojari at Madam Kwan, since that also comes with a whole chicken leg and beef. The chicken was well-marinated and tender with each bite. The oxtail was also perfectly done but certainly packed its own punch in terms of spice, far spicier than the rendang in Zhen Han's Nasi Ambang. I thought the rendang tasted better than the oxtail, but that's just me. The honey sotong here was crispy and sweet, the only complaint I could have is there wasn't enough!

I didn't know what to eat, and usually when that happens at a new restaurant, I follow my principle of "choosing the expensive dish" (depending on the amount of damage to my wallet lah of course!). In this case I went for the Middle Eastern Medley (RM 37) which was Moroccan lamb shank served with spiced rice, cucumber raita & Serai's signature Turkish relish.

Being pricier than the other items on the menu, I was expecting this to be something special, and I'm glad to say it was. Moroccan food generally carries a lot of spices and flavours (see: Plan b meatballs), and this was no different. With a sprinkling of cashew nuts, a small serving of yogurt and fragrant rice to top it off, there isn't much else to be improved here. Serai gives you a knife if you order this dish, but trust me you won't be needing it because the meat just falls off the bone with the touch of the fork and spoon. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even though it cost nearly double of the Nasi Ambang. I highly recommend it if you are craving for some lamb shank or something more unique. =)

The main courses tasted great and filled our tummies, but that meant dessert had to be amazing too! So being the gluttons that we are, we committed ourselves to not one, but two servings of dessert.

First, we had the Pandan Banana Fritters (RM 13). A simple dish that doesn't really go wrong, it came with some (I'm guessing) pandan drizzle and vanilla ice cream. We all enjoyed this; the presentation was neat and the batter was light and crispy. However, we couldn't taste much pandan anywhere in this dish, hence not setting it apart from other pisang gorengs (Wendy thinks her favourite pisang goreng aunty in SS2 does far superior ones). Having banana fritters with ice-cream was nice however, and surprisingly, it didn't melt quickly either. Wish they had given a bigger serving of ice-cream though! 

Wendy was adamant about trying the Berry Pavlova because some friends of hers and many people on Foursquare had said this was a must-try. Try it we did, but it fell a bit short of my expectations. The Berry Pavlova at Serai was made up of meringue layers sandwiching sweet, juicy strawberries and grapes amidst light, fresh cream. Served chilled, this was a lovely and refreshing end to a good dinner. Unfortunately, the meringue crust was too hard around the edges, which was a bit of a let-down for us. It was good, but I somehow believe there are better pavlovas lurking around out there in KL somewhere. (Did I just set myself up for a pavlova hunt?)

For drinks, I had a Milky Bandung (RM 7), a mixture of rose syrup with fresh milk and a hint of pandan, and the clincher -- soda. I was craving a bandung that night because I tried ordering one during lunch and I got sirap instead! But Serai's bandung was what I had been looking for;  filled with 2 parts milk and 1 part syrup, the added soda gives it a bit of fizz that makes the taste even better.

We also tried the Honeydew Blast (RM 8.50) which was a concoction of fresh honeydrew, lychee & fresh lime all ice-blended into a glass. It was certainly a thirst quencher, but the lime far outpowered the honeydew and lychee, which we were expecting more of.

All in all it was an enjoyable dinner after a long day of work and an hour long motor hunt briefing. If ever you're in Empire and don't know what to eat, Serai shouldn't be too far from mind.

LG37, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Lower Ground floor, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-56370706

Monday, June 20, 2011

Food: Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie @ Taman Danau Desa

Taman Desa serves as a meeting spot of sorts for Adam and his guy friends. Be it a yumcha session or a game of Left4Dead, Taman Desa has been their trusty go-to place for awhile now. In fact, in our early dating days, I had been subject to a cybercafe or two in Taman Desa. Let's not go there. :p

With their frequency in that area, one would think that they would have had all shops accounted for, but even this one eluded them. Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie is rather new, and nicely hidden away in the corner of the Taman Desa square of shoplots (or its other name, as I recently found out, Danau Business Center). Ficelle is an arm of the management behind the hugely successfully Levain at Jalan Delima, and that much is evident when you reach the place.

Dressed in hues of ivory, Ficelle looks very much like Levain, right down to the lighting and the whole feel of it all. The only difference is that only outdoor seating is available here. It doesn't matter however; they've made it comfortable to sit outdoors in the mornings. Shady trees engulf their surroundings and fans are generously situated, making it quite delightful indeed.

Pretty macarons all lined up.

Didn't quite feel like breaking my bank for macarons during brunch, despite how alluring the colours were, so it was all about the bread this visit to Ficelle.

A large array of desserts for some sweet-tooth tingling. Is it just me, or does Ficelle have more desserts than Levain?
The cakes also looked very tempting (especially their Swiss roll slices, which came in some intriguing flavours) but we gave that a miss as well this visit. I guess we were both looking forward to a carb-laden meal.

I am and have always been a fan of chicken floss (especially sandwiched together with bak kwa - dried barbecued meat; but that's a story for another day), but I'm not quite sure it worked in this Ham & Chicken Floss (RM 3.50) bun. The dough was soft enough; the mayo & ham combination tasty enough, but the addition of chicken floss and onions made for a strange combination.

A (greedy) variety of croissants - from left to right, the Cream Cheese Croissant (RM 3.20), a plain Croissant, and a smaller Chocolate Croissant. Ficelle's croissants are flaky and comforting; there's nothing like a good croissant to start your day with. Adam especially liked the last one, topped with a nice smooth crust of semi-sweet chocolate to sink your teeth into.

I didn't quite fancy the Cream Cheese Croissant though. There was a fair amount of cheese, but to me it tasted like it had come straight out of a Philadelphia Cream Cheese box with nothing added; no sugar, no dash of lemon, nothing. As a result, this croissant was more savoury than sweet, which wasn't what I was expecting. Adam liked (gosh, I'm starting to think we have very conflicting tastebuds) the plain, rich taste of the cheese filling though.

We also tried Ficelle's brioches in the form of adorable cubes - a Caramel Brioche (RM 1.50) and a slightly larger Chocolate Broiche (RM 2). A brioche (apparently pronounced bri-yosh) is supposed to be a French bread that is light and buttery due to its content of butter, milk & eggs amongst others. Google Images shows pictures of brioches that are anything but square, so I'm guessing the cubes are a Ficelle-inspired novelty.

Several reviews online complimented the brioches, so we decided to try both. The dough was certainly light and airy, but the fillings weren't all that rave-worthy. The caramel was the better one; it had more flavour and the texture was silky (it oozed out of the dough when we cut it open!) so try this one if you must. Don't bother with the chocolate.

My personal favourite was this monster of a bun - the Maple French Bread (RM 4.80). I loved the thin layers intricately laced with maple syrup. The outside crust was chewy but the insides were soft and moist; high reminiscient of bread and butter pudding. Each bite held a tinge of the fragrant maple syrup flavour. Adam didn't like this as much and it really was too big for me, so this unfortunately went unfinished.

Although quite a fair number of Levain favourites (custard cream donuts, mentaiko buns, caramel danish) are seen here; variety-wise, I still think Levain wins (although since profits go back to the same management anyway, it's all win-win and laugh-to-the-bank for them). However, the serenity at Ficelle is a much welcome change compared to the insane crowds & subpar service at Levain. I certainly prefered not having to fight through queues over here.

The corner lot transformed into a lovely setting.

Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie | Facebook
11-0-12, Jalan 3/109F,
Danau Business Center, Taman Danau Desa,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-79830211
Opening Hours: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Food: Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood @ Jaya One

*Update 08/11/12: This outlet is unfortunately now closed down.

Jaya One has grown into quite the bustling food scene over the last couple of years. No matter what kind of cuisine you're looking for, whether its Western, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, or plain old local delights, chances are Jaya One has it! For Chinese fare at Jaya One, Duck King as been around for awhile, Overseas too, and most recently Gao Ren Guan and now Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood!

When we went, it was a Friday night at about 9:30pm. Relatively late for dinner but this place was still open and taking orders. We were originally planning on Wendy's for a quick bite, but I saw Tak Fok next to it all brightly lit. The first few times it was closed when we saw it, so this time, we thought we might as well give it a go instead of fast food.

Our decision was made easier because Tak Fok currently runs this daily promotion - sort of a dish of the day, if you will. Each dish of the day comes at only half price! Friday's promotion was Chicken with Marmite Sauce.

Although smaller than the other Chinese restaurants we named above, the interior decor has a nice modern feel to it. The majority of tables here are round that can fit 5-6 people. Since the average table at a standard restaurant fits 4 people (because that's apparently the most common type of family in society), it does look like Tak Fok is looking to target the larger families, or those who bring their extended relatives.

The theme colour of the interior is very obviously white. I'm not sure why this seems to be the trend these days, even in Chinese restaurants. First time I remember starting to see white furniture was in Secret Recipe, and it seems like the trend hasn't stopped since. Seating does feel slightly packed inside, because of all the bigger tables. In fact they had so many big tables that the two of us were seated at one meant for six, because there just weren't anymore smaller ones left!

For veggies, it was a toss up between Salt and Pepper Green Beans (RM 10) and fried tofu (Wendy thinks I'm ridiculous when I say this - I consider tofu veggies :p). The waitress recommended this, so we went along with her suggestion. The beans were fresh and juicy with a light crunch, nicely coated in light batter. However, we still ultimately felt the salt and pepper style of cooking goes best with meat, or brinjals, and not green beans.

Obviously, we had to order the dish that was on promotion, which was Chicken with Marmite Sauce (RM 7 on Friday nights, originally RM 14). My favourite for marmite chicken is currently Mini Wok in Avenue K Food Court. When Pok was working around the area we had this countless times for lunch!

Here the portion turned out surprisingly big; I was expecting it to be much smaller since there was only 2 of us and it was at half price. Taste-wise though it was just so-so - the chicken was stickily sweet (as it should be with Marmite chicken) but not marinated as well as it should have been. I could taste a bit of a funny lingering aftertaste as well. Guess I still have to get my marmite chicken fix at Mini Wok.

To round off the meal, I wanted to try another of my favourite dishes which caught my eye the moment I opened the menu: Tong Po Pork (RM 28). Wendy isn't a fan of belly pork because of all the fat, but I've always liked this since my childhood days of Esquire Kitchen food. 

The first impression was that it looked good! They obviously take the time to cut the 'boon fei sou' (half fat meat) part of the pig, since that is the favourite of most diners. There was a lot of sauce and a rather small bowl, which we ended up having a hard time negotiating. The meat looked cut up nicely from the top, but when we tried to use the spoon to scoop it out we realized it hadn't been cut all the way down to the bottom and cut against the grain of the meat. Unfortunately, we were left massacring it and leaving the dish in tatters.

Despite that, the pork was just the right mix of fat & lean meat while the thick gravy with a hint of herb went fantastic with the white rice. For the price charged, I suppose it was reasonable, but more work is definitely needed on the presentation and slicing. 

The whole meal was satisfying and tummy-warming, but would have been a bit pricey for a simple dinner if not for the half-price promotion on the Chicken with Marmite Sauce. There are other interesting things on the menu though, and we actually spotted a lot of tables around us digging into crab dishes. Word has it that they've got quite a good reputation for crabs. Hopefully we'll visit again and try it out.. :)

Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood
No. 33-G, Block J, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7968 3446
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