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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Food: Babycakes Sweet Shoppe @ G Tower, KL

(Adam: On just another regular Friday at work, I got a call from my friend Alex asking for lunch since another friend from uni, Laura was also there. Since I had no lunch appointments (as usual, because I'm a loner like that =p), I readily agreed. It had been awhile since I last saw her anyway. Little did I know she had an ulterior motive for coming over to G Tower during lunch hour, which was to buy macarons for her colleague back at work! I had no idea there was a shop selling macarons there, but I immediately had the idea of getting some for Wendy since I know she likes these things (Check out our review of Levain for the macarons there). Anyway I'll let her write the rest of this review, since she's the one thats better at talking about these kind of girl-y things.. =P)

A few Fridays ago, I fell sick while putting in a late night at work. Thanks to that, I spent most of Saturday morning and afternoon (which Rebecca Black has kindly informed us, comes after Friday) curled up in bed and lining my stomach with Panadol.

Thankfully, come Saturday night, I was feeling better and that was when Adam decided to come out with his surprise - a brown paper bag containing a sleek black box containing eight crumbly concoctions of delight! :D

It was the last thing I was expecting and the perfect thing to cheer me up from wasting my whole Saturday away recuperating. Macarons from a little shop tucked away in corporate KL, G Tower along Jalan Tun Razak, called Babycakes Sweet Shoppe.

I would say, it was a great surprise!
Before we begin this review, let me first point out that these macarons had already been refrigerated for a day at Adam's place, and survived Friday night traffic from G Tower to his workplace to his car and back to his home, and unfortunately (cue sad violins here) not every macaron survived Adam's driving the arduous journey. Some poor ones lost their shape. :(

The vivid colour palette make for the perfect pick-me-up.

Okay, enough talk already, on with the macaron tasting session!

The Coconut was extremely tasty; there was the familiar coconut fragrance in the macaron, accompanied with real coconut flakes for authenticity. It was also less sweet than the rest, in my opinion.

The poor smushed Mango, who least survived the journey, unfortunately was devoid of any mango flavour. It was sweet, with a slight tinge of butter, but unfortunately that was it.

"Are you sure it was Mango, dear?"
"Erm, pretty sure."
Well I hope he's right. :p

The Black Sesame was also favourite of mine and Adam's. The flavours were rich and distinct, with a slight hint of peanut. Every bit of this had to be savoured. We've fallen into this routine of sharing macarons, because he doesn't really fancy them as much, but still likes to try the flavours - I'll bite half into it, and of that half, he'll bite off another half, leaving the last quarter for me. Black Sesame was one flavour which I think he wouldn't have minded more of. :p

Chocolate Daddy was another winner (can't go wrong with chocolate, can you?)...each bite, with the thick chocolate filling was pure chocolate heaven!

The Red Velvet was delish! The crisp shell & soft, crumbly insides of the macaron halves went perfectly with the thick nutella & cream cheese filling. This was definitely my favourite of the lot. I would go to G Tower, just to buy this one here.

The Pistachio in the background (which Adam pointed out, was the most expensive of the whole lot he bought for me, at RM 4.50) left a lot to be desired; there was no familiar richness of the pistachio flavour that I've come to expect of pistachio-flavoured desserts.

And last but not least, Green Tea and Orange, two of the most perfect looking survivors. The Orange in the background had strong citrus-y flavours, but like the one I tried in Levain, it just doesn't really float my boat (Strange though, seeing as my favourite Mentos flavour is orange :p) and is quite a normal, safe choice. I wouldn't really pick Orange again seeing as how there are so many interesting flavours to try, but if you're averse to macaron-risk-taking, then you might want to go for an Orange one first.

The Green Tea was another story altogether! Much like the Black Sesame, every bite was filled with massive taste - the flavourful scent of musky green tea. Adam said it tasted like seaweed (!!!), but I loved it. My mouth is watering even when I think of it. Try if you're a matcha fan, because the green tea taste is stronger than your average green tea-flavoured confectionary.

And there you go, a wrap-up of macaron tasting and a very satisfied sweet tooth. Compared to Levain's macarons, I would say these ones were much bigger. I also feel they have a bigger variety of fillings and are more intensely flavoured, but not necessarily sweeter which is a plus point. Levain's macarons, however, are one standard pricing whilst Babycakes' are priced differently according to flavour. According to Adam, he paid about RM 27 for the eight macarons. I would love to go again to have them fresh, and to try their other flavours. I hear there's one Sea Salt & Caramel that everyone's been raving about!

Babycakes Sweet Shoppe | Facebook | Twitter
G.City Club Hotel,
Ground Floor,
199, Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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